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Slide 1 Graham Greene Chairman JAA Occupant Survivability Project Advisory Group.

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1 Slide 1 Graham Greene Chairman JAA Occupant Survivability Project Advisory Group

2 Slide 2 Anthropometric Research Study  JAA Study  Background Increasing body dimensions (eg 17mm UK male height increase 1981-1995) plus increasing obesity concerns Longer duration flights Travelling population ageing

3 Slide 3 Regulatory impact  Concerns expressed by airlines v concerns expressed by pax  No explicit regulations with the exception of the UK  Regulations need to be based on sound (scientific) advice together with cost- effectiveness studies

4 Slide 4 Study Terms of reference  Comfort not an issue – very subjective  Seating must be able to safely accommodate pax  Other relevant matters – holistic approach

5 Slide 5 Contract Award  Invitations in European Journal  ICE Ergonomics, Loughborough UK Substantial experience in transport ergonomics Anthropometric studies background Nottingham University of Medicine

6 Slide 6 Study Methodology  Questionnaire – check all issues covered  Review of AN64 – only existing standard dimensions computer models for ergonomics  Safety implications and health  One year duration

7 Slide 7 Study Report  Questionnaire – brief, 300 pax, long(22hrs) and short haul (4hrs)  Ages up to 76 years, height to 6’6’’  Around 30% ‘experienced problems’ with seat spacing  Confirmed importance of AN64 measurements and identified other issues

8 Slide 8 Study Report  Expert appraisal by 3 ergonomists  SAMMIE ergonomics design system (CAD) – developed over 25 years for seating arrangements  Up-to date anthropometric data

9 Slide 9 Conclusions 1  Recommended that (AN64) Dimension A be increased from 26ins (660mm) to at least 28.2ins (711mm) to accommodate 95%ile European seated pax.  Note that a 99%ile European male would need a space of 31.3 inches (795mm)

10 Slide 10 Conclusions 2  Substantial list of seating dimensions building on AN64 for consideration eg lower leg/foot space/clearance envelope.  Explore value of ‘flip-up’ seat squabs

11 Slide 11 Conclusions 3  Support for comprehensive research on the effects of prolonged seating/ability to move.  Egress trials to validate some recommendations  Full report on JAA website

12 Slide 12 Way Forward  Results to JAA Cabin Safety Steering Group for regulatory consideration  Formation of a Working Group, Work plan approved by C-JAA

13 Slide 13 JAA Working Group  Review spacing recommendations  Implications of reduced mobility  Accident implications  Benefit to European flying population  Regulatory impact assessment  EASA responsibility

14 Slide 14 Review spacing recommendations  Straightforward in principle – physical dimensions of populations  Judgements – eg. 95 percentile?  Value of other spacing definitions

15 Slide 15 Implications of Reduced Mobility  Evacuation implications –very little published work  How important is the issue compared with other evacuation issues?  Pax health

16 Slide 16 Accident Implications  Impact  Brace position  Upper torso restraint?

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