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Intravenous Therapy IV Calculation (Math)

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1 Intravenous Therapy IV Calculation (Math)
Sasha A. Rarang, RN, MSN

2 Basic Infusion Time Formula
Infusion Time = total volume to infuse ml/hr being infused “How long will it take for a particular amount of solution to be completed?” Ex: Calculate the infusion time for an IV solution of 500 ml D5W that is currently infusing at 50 ml/hr? 500 ml = 10 hrs 50 ml/hr OR by ratio 50 ml = 500 ml (cross multiply & solve for x) 1 hr x 50x = 500 x = 10 hrs

3 Basic Infusion Time Formula
Time can also be expressed in hours & minutes Multiply the partial portion (after the decimal point) of the hour by 60 to obtain the time to the nearest minute Ex: 500 ml = hr 75 ml/hr .66 x 60 min = 39.6 minutes or 40 minutes Therefore the TOTAL time is 6.66 hrs or 6 hrs & 40 minutes

4 Flow Rates Refers to an amount of solution over a period of time
Can be expressed as gtt’s/min or ml’s/hr For our purposes, whenever we discuss regulating an IV by the roller clamp or by gravity, we will use the flow rate of gtt’s/min. When trying to figure out the flow rate using an IV pump or regulating the IV using a machine, we will use the flow rate of cc’s/hr

5 Flow Rates Flow rate via gravity or by the roller clamp
Refer to your handout “IV Calculation Worksheet” Vital information needed: microdrip or macrodrip; drop factor

6 IV Drug Amounts “How much medication is the patient receiving?” “What is the flow rate to insure proper delivery of the amount of medication ordered?” D x Q H Ex: An IV of 1000 ml of D5W containing 40,000 U of Heparin is ordered to infuse at 30 ml/hr. Calculate the dosage of Heparin the pt is receiving (How many units/hr of Heparin) 30ml/hr x 40,000 u = u/hr 1000 ml OR by ratio ,000 u = x u (cross multiply & solve for x) 1,000 ml ml 1,000x = x = u/hr

7 IV Drug Amounts Ex: Morphine Sulfate IV drip concentration 50 mg in 100 cc D5W. MD orders 2mg of Morphine per hour. What will the flow rate be to insure delivery of 2 mg/hr? ( How many cc’s per hr?) 2mg/hr x cc = cc/hr 50 mg Or by ratio mg = mg (cross multiply & solve for x) 100 cc x cc 50 x = x = cc/hr

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