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About the Louvre Museum

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1 About the Louvre Museum
Le Louvre About the Louvre Museum

2 Le Louvre It is the biggest museum in the world 652,000 square feet


4 Le Louvre - History Originally built as a castle by King Phillippe Augustus in 1200 outside the city wall of Paris.

5 Le Louvre - L’enceinte Recent excavations discovered the original walls of Phillippe Augustus’ castle. They are very thick. This is part of the wall, rediscovered when the under-ground gallery was dug out.

6 Le Louvre - History King François 1 rebuilt the Louvre from a castle to a palace in the 16th century It became the residence of the French monarchs.

7 Le Louvre – as a gallery The concept of the Louvre being a public gallery came about during the French Revolution. It was not actually public for many more years. Unsuccessfully proposed to Louis XV, the idea was reintroduced under Louis XVI. Unfortunately the project had to be abandoned because of the crown’s financial difficulties. During the18th centry the Count d’Angiviller helped plan the museum and collected artwork. When the Louvre finally opened in 1793 only the Great Gallery was on display.

8 Le Louvre - Louis & Napoleon
King Louis wanted to live in Versaille, so he left the Louvre as a museum for Greek art. Napoleon restored the Louvre after the Revolution. It is housed a museum at this time. The Arc de Triomphe du Carousel built in 1806 celebrates Napoleon’s victories.

9 Le Louvre - Pyramid Le Louvre remains the largest museum in the world with the most visitors of any other museum. It was excavated underground and new galleries were added.

10 Le Louvre - Entrance The entrance to the Museum is through the largest pyramid designed by architect I.M. Pei.

11 Le Louvre - Inside Inside, under the pyramid.

12 Le Louvre - The upside down pyramid
The upside down pyramid is a favorite meeting place.

13 Le Louvre - Underground
Below ground, there are shops, cafés and restaurants.

14 Le Louvre - Courtyards Some courtyards are roofed so that big artworks may be displayed without damage. Looking out windows of the Louvre show the sculptures from original construction

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