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CENTER STAGE TRIVIA CHALLENGE Ch. 13. 1. This term means to add on.

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2 1. This term means to add on.

3 Annex

4 2. Who am I? I led the first American settlers to Texas in 1821.

5 Stephen Austin

6 3. Someone who rules with absolute power.

7 Dictator

8 4. This land was given up by the Mexican government through the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo.

9 Mexican Cession

10 Center Stage Question #1

11 This man was the first, and only, President of the independent country of Texas.

12 Sam Houston

13 5. This was the nickname for the independent country of Texas.

14 Lone Star Republic

15 6. This is the belief that the U.S. should expand from “sea to shining sea.”

16 Manifest Destiny

17 7. This term means to give up, as in land or territory.

18 Cede

19 8. This is when you surround and bombard your enemy until he surrenders.

20 Siege

21 Center Stage Question #2

22 This was the term that referred to people who journeyed to CA in search of gold in 1849.

23 Forty-Niners

24 9. He was a Mexican dictator who was forced to sign a treaty giving Texas its independence in 1836.

25 Santa Anna

26 10. Florida was acquired from this country in 1821.

27 Spain

28 11. WHICH DIRECTION? a. The Mexican Cession is _____ of Oregon Country. b. The Louisiana Purchase is _____ of Texas. c. Canada is _____ of the U.S.

29 a. South b. North c. North

30 12. The U.S. signed agreements with this country in 1818 and 1846 regarding Oregon Country.

31 Britain or England

32 Center Stage Question #3

33 This man was our third President, and signed the treaty with France to purchase the Louisiana Territory.

34 Thomas Jefferson

35 13. This was the name for the route from Missouri to Oregon Country. Over 50,000 people traveled this route in the mid-1800s.

36 Oregon Trail

37 14. The U.S. purchased the Louisiana Territory from this country in 1803.

38 France

39 15. This area of land came to us from Mexico, as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe- Hidalgo. What do we call this large area of land in the southwest?

40 The Mexican Cession

41 16. This term means to blockade or bombard an enemy’s position in order to get them to surrender.

42 Siege

43 Center Stage Question #4

44 Oranges are citrus fruits. They are grown in which territory that was added in 1821?

45 Florida

46 This port city was part of the Louisiana Purchase. It was the initial reason for the U.S. to approach France. It is still an important trading port today.

47 New Orleans


49 This man was elected President of the U.S. in 1844. He was the president during the annexation of Texas and the Mexican War. Who was he?

50 James K. Polk

51 That’s all folks! Thanks for playing

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