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Contemporary Time Period

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1 Contemporary Time Period

2 Time Period 1900-present The modern forms of art music
20th Century  Contemporary  present 21st Century  2000 – present The modern forms of art music

3 Characteristics 20th-century classical music developed or reacted to the trends started in the previous century. At the turn of the century, music was characteristically late Romantic in style, while at the same time the Impressionist movement, spearheaded by Claude Debussy, was being developed in France. America also began developing its own vernacular style of classical music, notably in the works of Charles Ives, John Alden Carpenter, and (later) George Gershwin, while in Vienna, Arnold Schoenberg conceived atonality and later developed the twelve-tone technique. Classical music in the 20th century varied greatly.

4 Perhaps the most important feature during this time period of classical music was the increased use of dissonance. Because of this, the 20th century is sometimes called the "Dissonant Period" of classical music, following the common practice period, which emphasized consonance  pushing more boundaries

5 Movements Romantic Style Minimalism Modernism Recording Technology
Impressionism Spectralism Expressionism Polystylism (Eclecticism) Futurism Historicism Atonal, 12-tone, Serialism Neo-Romanticism Art Rock Influence Free-Dissonance and Experimentalism “World Music” Influence New Simplicity Neoclassicism New Complexity Electronic Music Jazz-influenced Classical Compositions Post Modernism

6 Composers Claude Debussy Zoltan Kodaly Gabriel Faure Percy Grainger
Edward Elgar John Williams Luigi Dallapiccola Kurt Weill Carl Orff George Crumb Arvo Part Philip Glass Carl Nielson Steve Reich Gustov Holst Oliver Messiaen Astor Piazzolla George Rochberg Francis Poulenc Milton Babbitt Giacomo Puccini Pierre Boulez Sergei Rachmaninoff Elliot Carter Jean Sibelius John Cage Richard Strauss

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