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Integumentary System Accessories

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1 Integumentary System Accessories

2 Hair

3 Hair Functions Helping to maintain warmth
Cold stimulates muscles (arrector pili) to erect hairs which traps warm body heat next to skin Alerting the body to presence of insects on the skin root hair plexus (sensory nerve endings) wraps around each hair bulb Bending a hair stimulates these endings hairs act as sensitive touch receptors Guarding the scalp against physical trauma, heat loss, and sunlight

4 Hair Distribution & Types
Hair is found over the entire skin surface except: Palms, soles, and lips Nipples and portions of the external genitalia Hair Types: Vellus – pale, fine body hair found in children and the adult female Terminal – coarse, long hair of eyebrows, scalp, axillary, and pubic regions

5 Hair Thinning and Baldness
Alopecia – hair thinning in both sexes True, or frank, baldness Genetically determined and sex-influenced condition Male pattern baldness – caused by follicular response to DHT

6 Hair strands of dead keratinized cells
Has hard keratin which is tougher and more durable than soft keratin of the skin produced by hair follicles Color comes from melanocytes at the base of the hair

7 Hair Follicle Root sheath extending from the epidermal surface into the dermis 4 layers thick (from inside out): Internal epithelial root sheath External epithelial root sheath Glassy membrane Connective tissue root sheaths Deep end of follicle forms a hair papilla where shaft grows out of

8 Hair Follicle Figure 5.5c

9 Hair Shaft Consists of 3 parts Medulla- middle column
Cortex- surrounds medulla, contains color (pigment granules) Cuticle- outermost layer, made of overlapping cells (scales)

10 Glands

11 Sweat Glands Eccrine sweat glands – Apocrine sweat glands –
found in palms, soles of the feet, and forehead Apocrine sweat glands – found in axillary (armpit) and anogenital areas Ceruminous glands – modified apocrine glands in external ear canal secretes cerumen (ear wax) Mammary glands – specialized sweat glands that secrete milk

12 Sebaceous Glands Found all over the body
Soften skin when stimulated by hormones Secrete an oily secretion called sebum Found near hair follicles

13 Fingernails

14 Structure of a Nail Scalelike modification of the epidermis on the distal, dorsal surface of fingers and toes Figure 5.6

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