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Controls and Constants

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1 Controls and Constants

2 Review In an experiment, there is something that a scientist is testing – they control this…

3 Review In an experiment, because the scientist is changing this independent variable, this is going to change and the scientist will measure that change…

4 Review This is an educated guess of what is going to happen during an experiment – the scientist forms this at the beginning of the experiment….

5 Did You Get Them Right? Independent Variable Dependent Variable

6 Constants and Controls

7 Constant Constant: something that scientist makes sure is the same throughout the experiment Ex. Watering the plants the same amount of water or making sure you are testing the same person every time

8 Control Control: The part of the experiment that the scientist doesn’t change or add the variable to Ex. The plant with the white light

9 Conclusion The results of the experiment; is your hypothesis “right or wrong”?

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