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4.4 The French and Indian War The Seven Years War.

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1 4.4 The French and Indian War The Seven Years War

2 The British Take Action – French and Indian war Lasted through late 1750’s and early 1760’s. – It was to control world trade & power on the seas. – Most native Americans fought against Britain. – France had more forts & help from the Nat. Am. – Colonists had to fight soldiers and Nat. Am. – Br. Finally sent General Edward Braddock to be commander & chief. – He was suppose to drive out the french.

3 The British Take Action Braddock Marches to Duquesne – June 1755 Braddock set out from Virginia w/ about 1,400 red coat British soliders – George Washington Served as an aid – Long journey to Fort Duquesne – Washington warned Braddock on how his marching style was not well suited to fighting in frontier country – Lining up in rows and columns made for easy targets – Braddock ignored – July 9 th GB was ambushed by Nat. Am. And Fr. Hid behind trees and aiming at the bright unis.

4 The British Take Action – This Left GB very confused and scared – Panic was so crazy Braddock couldn’t control his troops – Braddock dies – GB suffered 1,000 casualties

5 The British Take Action Britain Declares War on France – Fights in Americas influenced a war in Europe, 7 year war – Britain declared war in 1756 against French – First years were a disaster many settlers were killed or drove back to coast – French also captured many British forts

6 The British Take Action PITT TAKES CHARGE Secretary of state then prime minister Didn't want to deal with complaints about costs of war Made Britain pay which resulted in enormous debt that had to be paid off in taxes Wanted more so he sent troops to conpuer french Canada Sent people like Jeffrey Amherst and James Wolf Captured many forts in 1758

7 The British Take Action PITT TAKES CHARGE Fortress at Louisburg Fort Frontenac Fort Duquesne – Later renames Fort Pitt

8 The Fall of New France The Battle of Quebec Quebec Capital of New France -thought to be an impossible attack -September 1759 British General James Wolfe found a way -one of Wolfe’s scouts spotted poorly guarded path -British troops assembled on a field called Plains of Abraham -defeated French army, Wolfe died in battle French Commander Marquis de Montcalm also died

9 The Fall of New France The Treaty of Paris  when Quebec and general Amherst a lost fighting in north America stopped  In 1763 France was permitted to keep its islands in the west indies  They had to release Canada and most of its land east of the Mississippi river  England got Florida from Spain  Spain got France's land west of the miss. River  This is known as the LA territory  This treaty is when France lost its power in America

10 Trouble on the Frontier Pontiac’s War -Pontiac wants to unit Nat. Am. Against Br. b/c Br. Were threatening their way of life. -1763 he made an alliance -Nat. Am. Killed settlers in Pen. & Va.=Pontiacs War -Nat. Am. Failed b/c they fail to capture Br. Fort pitt, Detroit & Niagara -Ended w/ Br. Defeating Nat. Am. Pontiac signed a peace treaty & was pardoned by Br.

11 Trouble on the Frontier The Proclamation of 1763 -king George 3 rd declared that app. mts. were the temp. boundary's for colonies. To prevent more fighting. -This angered people who owned: Shares in land companies investor or speculators They had already bought land on the western side of mts. End of French and indian war brought peace. The proc. Of 1763 created friction between the col.and GB.

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