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US Imperialism.

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1 US Imperialism



4 When and why did American imperialism increase?
Toward the end of the nineteenth century

5 Reason #1: Industrial growth
Enormous industrial growth after the Civil War Industries need: New sources of raw materials New markets for finished products US exports had increased dramatically 1870: $393 million 1890: $858 million 1900: $1.4 billion

6 Reason #2: competition with European nations
Europeans had built empires in Asia and Africa U.S. did not want to be left behind in the race for resources

7 Reason #3: Turner Thesis
Frederick Jackson Turner ( ) American historian who proposed the Turner thesis in 1893 Stated that American Frontier was gone America should look for new frontiers outside the U.S. Laid intellectual groundwork for a new kind of U.S. foreign policy

8 Reason #4: Belief in cultural and religious superiority
Continuation of Manifest Destiny; God’s plan Our country, by Josiah Strong proclaims that the Anglo-Saxon race should spread Christianity and government to others

9 “It seems to me that God, with infinite wisdom and skill, is training the Anglo-Saxon race for an hour sure to come in the world’s future…The unoccupied arable lands of the earth are limited, and will soon be taken… Then will the world enter upon a new stage of its history-the final competition of races, for which the Anglo-Saxon is schooled… Then this race of unequaled energy… will spread itself over the earth… and can anyone doubt that the result of this competition of races will be the ‘survival of the fittest’?” __Rev. Josiah Strong

10 Reason #5: Military Rationale
Alfred Thayer Mayer wrote The Influence of Seapower Upon History (1890) He argues that all great powers have strong navies The US must build a powerful global navy to compete To do this, the US needed coaling stations around the world

11 US Builds a strong modern navy to expand its empire
In 1889, US was 12th in the world navies By 1900, US was 3rd Next the US turns its attention to replacing an aging imperial power Spain controlled Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and Philippines US had a large interest in Cuban sugar

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