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To Kill a Mockingbird PowerPoint Review Test on Monday, February 8 Mrs. Pace – English 9C.

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1 To Kill a Mockingbird PowerPoint Review Test on Monday, February 8 Mrs. Pace – English 9C

2 Where is Atticus’ law office?

3 Who calls Atticus a “nigger-lover,” which causes Scout to get in a fight with this person?

4 Who is the first Ewell to be encountered in the novel?

5 Many who attended the black church, known as First Purchase, couldn’t read. Of those who went to this church, who could read?

6 Who is older, Jem or Scout? How much older?

7 What is the name of the lawyer who defends Bob Ewell? Who defends Tom Robinson?

8 Is the following statement true? Be able to explain clearly. Bob Ewell died when, in a drunken stupor, he falls on his own kitchen knife.

9 Mrs. Henry Lafeyette Dubose has a serious problem. What is it? How does this explain her personality?

10 Who says she, “was the meanest old woman who ever lived”? Who is the SHE referred to here?

11 Who’s house burned down? What caused the fire?

12 On the night of the fire, Scout is given a blanket. Who gives her this blanket and why?

13 What side of her face was Mayella Ewell injured on? Why is this important to the story? Explain this clearly.

14 Why did Dill run away from his mother and father?

15 Who owned and ran the Maycomb Tribune?

16 How does Jem describe Boo Radley?

17 Who is Miss Caroline? What is her last name? She makes several mistakes where Maycomb’s customs are concerned. What are a few of them? Be specific.

18 Where do Jem, Scout, and Dill sit during the trial at the courthouse?

19 Why does Bob Ewell vow to kill Atticus after the trial?

20 If you were to stereotype Aunt Alexandra (as she so often does to others), what words would you use to describe her and her attitude towards other people?

21 What happens as Atticus walks out of the courtroom after the jury has announced their decision? Why is this important to the story as a whole?

22 What’s important about the phrase, “Let the dead bury the dead.” Who says this quote? What’s going on in the story when this quote is spoken?

23 Who explains what rape is to Scout?

24 Tell as much as you can about Dolphus Raymond. There are many “interesting” things about him. (Things you need to know!)

25 How old is Mayella Ewell?

26 Who is Tom Robinson’s employer?

27 What is Tom’s “REAL” crime?

28 What is Scout’s full name? What is Jem’s full name? What is Dill’s full name?

29 What is Boo Radley’s full name?

30 What does Scout dress as for the school play?

31 Atticus gives Jem and Scout __________ _ for Christmas.

32 Who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird?

33 How old is Tom Robinson? What is his wife’s name?

34 Atticus dislikes practicing criminal law because his first clients were ____________.

35 How old is Atticus Finch?

36 How many times was Tom Robinson shot?

37 Why does Reverend Sykes lock the church door before anyone can leave?

38 How does Jem know that the jury has convicted Tom even before the verdict is read?

39 During the trial, what do we learn about Mayella and her life? What is her social life like?

40 Where do Dill and Scout believe babies come from?

41 According to Jem, why is it so unfortunate to be a “mixed child”?

42 There are two characters in this novel that could be said to be “mockingbirds.” Who are these two characters? And what makes you say this about them? (Think back to Miss Maudie’s explanation as to why it is a sin to kill a mockingbird.)

43 Describe Tom Robinson’s death.

44 Who is Miss Gates? How does she show herself to be hypocritical?

45 List the items that Jem and Scout found in the knothole of the Radley tree.

46 Who is the “pet of Maycomb”?

47 Who is Zeebo? What does he do for a living? Who is he related to in the novel?

48 Who is Link Deas?

49 Tell the story behind the following things: (they are all connected) Baton Camellias Morphine Ivanhoe

50 Meridian, Mississipp i

51 Francis Hancock

52 Rose Alymer

53 Who’s nickname was at one time, “one shot”?

54 How are these things related? Retell the story. Walter Cunningham $.25 Miss Caroline Scout Molasses Sojourn to the corner

55 Indian-head pennies

56 Discuss the following: Mr. Avery Snowman Cheap

57 Who’s house is burglarized during the novel? By whom? Why?

58 What is a cootie? Tell the story about cooties from the novel. Be sure to include the important people involved in this particular incident.

59 Who is known for his or her gardening and baking excellent cakes?

60 Scout splits her knuckles to the bone on this person’s front teeth. Who? Why?

61 To Kill a Mockingbird was published in _________. (year)

62 The author of TKAM was influenced by a major court case that occurred when she was younger living in the South. What court case am I referring to? How do you think this court case affected the author’s writing of TKAM?

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