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A Brief Historical context of Elizabethan Theatrical Conventions.

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1 A Brief Historical context of Elizabethan Theatrical Conventions

2 Bell-ringer Find a partner and compile a list of what you know about Shakespeare. This can include: movies you’ve seen, quotes you’ve heard or plays you have read before. Any thing that relates to Shakespeare is acceptable material!

3 The meaning of Renaissance The meaning of renaissance is ‘rebirth’ –A ‘rebirth’ of learning; great discoveries in geography, science, art and mathematics. –Began in Italy in the early 1300s

4 Humanism: An Emphasis on the Individual Medieval philosophers’ systems of thought were mainly centered around God and questions of religions. Humanists were interested in human values, and they revived the study of classical Greek and Roman art, literature, history, and philosophy.

5 Humanism in a nutshell… We accept responsibility for what we do and what we become, believing that our immortality is found in the examples we set and in the work we do.

6 Who: The playwrights…. Elizabethan plays and playwrights were extremely popular during the Elizabethan era. One of the most famous playwrights of the 16 th century was William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare has written many plays that are still performed today. Shakespeare used techniques to display and convey the human emotion and experience in a method far advanced for his time period. His talent for eloquent passages has transcended time.

7 William Shakespeare. In 1594, William Shakespeare, otherwise known as “The Bard” of Stratford Upon Avon was writing and acting for the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. Later known as The Kings Men, this performing troupe consisted of Will Kempe and Richard Burbage “He was the man who of all modern, and perhaps ancient poets, had the largest and most comprehensive soul.” John Dryden Quote (1631 - 1700), "Essay of Dramatic Poesy”

8 It is important to note that… Shakespeare bought and held financial shares in The Globe, a circular theatre built on the Thames in London. This made him an entrepreneur. His company and famous plays were patronized by royalty. There is further symbolism of this throughout some of Shakespeare’s plays.

9 Success in the theatre and as a playwright lead Shakespeare to retire and move to New House. He passed away on his presumed birthday His first folio was published in 1623 50% were already published before this.

10 The Talents of Shakespeare… Shakespeare was a master of two things… 1. Language:____________________________ ____________________________________ 2. Characterization:_______________________ ____________________________________

11 Before theatres, plays were performed in Inn-Yards or in houses of noblemen. The Globe consisted of old timber from The Theatre, the first London theatre owned by James Burbage. Where? The Globe…

12 The Globe was located on the River Thames in Southwark, London. The Globe was the most magnificent theatre that London had ever seen and was built from 1597-1598. It could hold several 1000 people. Atmosphere: Exciting, chaotic, a marketplace would surround the theatre. A trumpet would signal the beginning of the play

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