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Evolution of computing devices

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1 Evolution of computing devices


3 ABACUS Developed by Chinese About 3000 BC
Beads that slides through rods

4 PASCALINE Blaise Pascal, French Mathematician, invented the Pascaline between 1642 and 1644 The Pascaline could only add and subtract numbers

5 STEPPED RECONER Invented by Gottfried Wilhelm Liebnitz, a German mathematician in 1671 The first Mechanical Machine invented This machine can add, subtract, divide, multiply and even get the square root of a number

6 JACQUARDS LOOM Invented by Joseph Jacquard a silk weaver in 1801
The first machine to use punch card His punched card system was adopted in the 20th-century as a control and data input system for many office machines and early digital computers.

7 TABULATING MACHINE Invented by Herman Hollerith sometime in 1890
The machine treats information in the form of holes punched through a strip of paper. His tabulating machine pave way for the International Business Machine of today.

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