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The Internal Assessment Your turn to experiment!.

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1 The Internal Assessment Your turn to experiment!

2 A: Introduction (SL-2) SL ▫Clearly state the aim of the study ▫Explain identify and explain the study in the context of cognitive theory

3 B: Method: Design (SL-2) Identify the IV and the DV Explain the design and justify  Independent samples  Repeated measures ▫Explain the ethical guidelines that were followed and attach scripts or forms to the appendix  Describe how consent was obtained  Describe the briefing (aim, instructions)  Describe the debriefing procedures (expectations of results, right to withdraw, contact information)

4 C: Participants (SL-2) Identify the sample and justify how it was obtained ▫No more than N=20 ▫Sampling method- random, opportunity ▫Explain how participants were allocated to treatment or control group, if applicable Identify characteristics of the sample and target population ▫Sample-number of participants, gender distribution, mean age, important characteristics ▫Target population-the group you are interested in and the one from which you draw your sample. You will be able to generalize your results to this group (IB students? Third culture kids? English proficiency?)

5 Materials List materials developed for use in the experiment ▫Include copies of written materials in the appendix ▫Include briefing notes, consent forms and debriefing notes in the appendix Do not include basic materials such as tables, chairs, paper, pencils

6 D: Procedure (SL-2) Describe how the experiment was carried out- step by step (you may number each step) Enough detail must be provided so that another researcher could replicate the experiment Again, reference how ethical guidelines were applied (briefing, debriefing) Include all necessary materials and reference in the appendix

7 E/F: Results (SL-4) SL ▫Narrative of summarized data- descriptive stats  One measure of central tendency (mean, median, mode)- explained  One measures of dispersion (range, standard deviation)= explained ▫Raw data is in the appendix ▫Include an accurate graph (table or chart)

8 Data Analysis Measures of central tendency Measures of dispersion Level of measurement ▫Nominal (categories) ▫ordinal (ranks) ▫interval (scale of equal intervals) ▫ratio (scale with true zero)

9 F: Discussion (SL-6) Discuss results in light of the study Identify strengths and limitations of the study Summarize research and suggest modifications in the conclusion

10 G: Presentation (SL-2) Word limit-1,000-1,500 words Title page ▫title ▫name ▫candidate number ▫date abstract (max-200) citations Works Cited appendices

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