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Warm-Up Quiz 5 Name Date Block.

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1 Warm-Up Quiz 5 Name Date Block

2 Warm-up #1 Question: What is the study of the earth and everything on it? Geography 5 Themes of Geography Location

3 Warm-Up #2 Question: What is the belief in one god? Polytheism
Monotheism Christianity

4 Warm-Up #3 Question: What is an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or group of gods. Religion Social Group Caste System

5 Warm-Up #4 Question: List the 3 monotheistic religions.

6 Warm-Up #5 Question: List the 2 polytheistic religions we are studying.

7 Warm-Up #6 Question: A style of a map shows naturally made landmarks. (rivers, lakes, mountains) Political Topical Physical

8 Warm-Up #7 Question: How humans adapt, depend, and modify their environment Place HEI Region

9 Warm-Up #8 Question: Natural landmarks (Ex. Mountains, rivers, lakes)
Geography Physical Features Place

10 Warm-Up # 9 Question: A large landmass that is smaller than a continent. Island Subcontinent Continent

11 Warm-Up # 10 Question: What is the most important language in India?
Cuneiform Hieroglyphics Sanskrit

12 Warm-Up Make sure you have all 10 warm-up questions. After Warm-Up
Write down HW for the week. Leader needs to initial. Work on any work you did not complete on Friday.

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