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Welcome Students and Parents Classes of 2008-2009.

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1 Welcome Students and Parents Classes of 2008-2009

2 Mt. Hope High School’s Diploma System

3 RI High School Diploma System Highlights at MHHS 24 Carnegie units (course credits) Statewide Assessments Proficiency in Mt. Hope’s School Wide Expectations Proficiency in the State of Rhode Island Grade Span Expectations (GSE)

4 Expectations  Mt. Hope Graduation Expectations encompass all of the following:  Demonstration of proficiency in the Mt. Hope School Wide Academic Expectations (NEASC)  Demonstration of proficiency in the Grade Span Expectations for ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, the Arts, Technology

5 Strategies  Mt. Hope has chosen two strategies for the demonstration of proficiency:  End of Course Exams  Digital Portfolio

6 Graduation Portfolio  Our school’s graduation portfolio is a collection of evidence that a student has the skills and knowledge expected of any graduate from Mt. Hope High School.

7 Graduation Portfolio: A Subset Civil Disobedience Paper 9 th grade Autobiography 10 th grade essay Science Fair Project Service Learning Project 11 th grade research paper All student work Graduation Portfolio Report on elections Chorus concert

8 How is the portfolio created?  Collect  Minimum number of entries from each course  Select  Student determines which entries provide the best evidence to answer end of year reflection prompts  Reflect  Student reflects on overall content

9 3 Types of Evidence  Teacher-Generated Tasks  Performance Based Tasks from Exams  Common assignments that ALL students are exposed to, regardless of level or teacher  Student-Initiated Tasks  Assignments completed in class that have not been deliberately selected by the classroom teacher  Student-Independent Tasks  Tasks completed by student outside of class.  Examples: reading logs, community service, recommendations, Eagle Scout/Gold Award, etc.

10 How do we evaluate the portfolio?  Student will exhibit their portfolio to a committee once per year  The committee will view the portfolio and determine whether the student has met the expectations  Formality of “exhibition” will increase as the student approaches graduation

11 FAQ: Students and Parents When will I have opportunities to complete portfolio worthy tasks?  All students will have opportunities on the midterm and final exam in every course  Teachers will create tasks throughout the year that are proficiency based and portfolio worthy  Students may include out of school activities that satisfy expectations What am I expected to do this year?  Minimum of 20 artifacts  End of year reflections How can I access my child’s portfolio?  Instructions will be available on the MHHS Website as of December 1, 2005

12 Thank you!

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