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Junior Parent Night SKHS Graduation Requirements.

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1 Junior Parent Night SKHS Graduation Requirements

2 Rhode Island Diploma System Adopted by the RI Board of Regents in January of 2003 (updated 2011) ► Move from Carnegie Units to a new system based on Proficiency using multiple measures  Old Carnegie unit is based on seat time units  SKHS requires 24 units

3 SKHS Requirements for Graduation 1. Coursework  24 credits 2. Portfolio 3. Comprehensive Course Assessments (CCA) 4. State Tests – NECAP  Must score 2 or greater (Math, Reading)  Growth Plan (RIDE)

4 Portfolio Requirements for all students 24 submissions –linked to 8 SLEs 5 Formative reflections One summative reflection Exit Oral presentation

5 Comprehensive Course Assessments (CCAs) ► Students submit 8 proficient CCAs  2 math  2 ELA  2 science  2 social studies ► Performance Based part of the final exam  Proficiency = 3  Some students will fulfill this requirement by the end of junior year (25 %)

6 NECAP Tests New England Common Assessment Program Take Junior Year ► October (Math & ELA) - DONE ► May (Science) ► Score ≥ 2 in both Math and Reading meets state proficiency  Remediation and local proficiencies will be offered to students who do not score a 2 or better students who do not score a 2 or better ► Students will are required to retake the exam as a senior (Score = 1)

7 Portfolio requirements for juniors ► Students complete 24 requirements that link to the school’s 8 Student Learning Expectations (SLEs).  Present portfolio in February of Senior year to a committee of teachers. ► Portfolio is where the 3 proficiencies meet to provide choice for students  Portfolio Assignments  CCAs  NECAP proficiency (3 or 4)

8 NECAP Tests New England Common Assessment Program New England Common Assessment Program ► Students who meet or exceed the standard may use the proficiency in their portfolio ► Replaces one assignment in the portfolio  Math, writing, and/or science ► Also replaces One CCA submission  Math, writing, and/or science

9 Student Learning Expectations (SLEs) ► Four academic: A1, A2, A3 and A4 ► Two civic: C5, C6 ► Two social: S7 and S8

10 Four Academic SLE’s SLE 1  A1 Critical thinking and problem solving  6 submissions SLE 2  A2 Communicate effectively through reading, writing and speaking reading, writing and speaking  6 submissions and an exit presentation  List of 10 favorite books read during high school with reflective summary

11  A3 is technology literacy  students submit 4 examples of work to demonstrate proficiency to demonstrate proficiency  A4 is fine arts proficiency  Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in at least one of the three fine arts  visual, music, or theatre  dance outside of school

12 Three civic  C5 provides evidence of how students recognize diversity and the rights of others in various communities. recognize diversity and the rights of others in various communities.  1 submissions ► C6 provides evidence of a student’s understanding of the political, environmental, social and/or economic issues that affect our community.  1 submission  May use community service

13 Two Social  S7 shows evidence of a student’s understanding of the connection between making appropriate choices and one’s physical, social and emotional well being.  1 submission  S8 - identify goals, set priorities and manage progress  Create and manage their portfolio  Complete an ILP with school counselor  2 recommendations

14 SK 103 ► Quarter course  4 th quarter ► Provides support and instruction around new graduation requirements ► Provides time to work on submissions and reflections

15 SK 103 (.25 credit) Pass/ Fail requirements In order to pass SK 103 students must: ► Submit 13 entries (certain ones required) ► Write 5 Formative Reflections  2 were written in SK 102 ► 8 submissions to Book List  5 were required in SK 102 ► Write a Junior Summative essay  Foundation for Senior summative essay

16 How do students submit work to their Portfolio? 1. Complete assignment in class  Example: persuasive essay, A2 2. Teacher grades work for class, returns to student student may need to revisestudent may need to revise 3. Student uploads work to Richer Picture 4. Teacher assesses work on RP 5. Student writes the formative reflection for the SLE during SK 103 reflection for the SLE during SK 103

17 How can students keep track? ► SK 103 class – yearly checklist checklist ► Folder system in h-drive Richer Picture Richer Picture ► Teachers upload assignments to digital portfolio ► Students submit assignments ► Replaces opportunities spreadsheet  Links classes to assignments  Filled out in their classes in September

18 Richer Picture ► ► ID - firstinitiallastname ► Anne Smith asmith ► Password – student ID # ► 1114567 ► Reader password – email Mrs. Klenk

19 Student Support in the School Students receive information 1.In SK 103 ► Time to work on portfolio 2.In classes ► From teachers  Who provide assignments linked to the SLE’s to the SLE’s 3.In Advisory  Portfolio process and requirements 4.Portfolio Summer School ► 5 days at end of the school year

20 Communication between school and home 1. Parents can access a student’s portfolio on Richer Picture. 2. Information is sent out on the listserv 3. Information is on the school website 4. Parent nights (one per year) 5. Parent notification (junior year) if student has not met the CCA requirement at the end of 10 th grade

21 South Kingstown High School Website Graduation Portfolio

22 Questions ? Contact information School website

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