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Co-Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom Creating Success for All Students! Rebecca A. Hines 2007.

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1 Co-Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom Creating Success for All Students! Rebecca A. Hines 2007

2 Does it Work? Murawski and Swanson (2001) conducted a meta-analysis of co-teaching research. The study found only six studies that could be analyzed. The initial search of literature realized 89 articles. The conclusion indicated that the data available are insufficient to declare co- teaching valid, and continues to ask, “Where are the data (on co-teaching)?

3 What about the Teachers? Subjects included 4th and 7th grade science classes; 8th grade civics; 10th grade world history; and high school chemistry. One finding of their research indicated special educators were perceived to be in a role as an instructional assistant when they did not have content knowledge, with this observation heightened in high school mathematics classes (Magiera, Smith, Zigmond, & Gebauer, 2005). Wiess and Lloyd (2002) discussed similar findings.

4 Co-Teach: The Concept = Special Educator Learning Strategist Modifications & adaptations Motivation Strategies Knowledge of Special Needs General Educator Content Specialist Curriculum Sequence Instructional Objectives + Smaller Class Size! Enhanced Content! Understanding of ALL Learners! =

5 Traditional Co-Teach Structures Alternative Teaching Lead & Support Station Teaching Team Teaching Parallel Teaching Friend & Cook Link to Information and video clips from

6 Preparing for Station Teaching Big Ideas to Cover: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Roles: Teacher: _______________________________________________ Material to be covered: Teacher: ______________________________________________ Material to be covered: Time Allotted per station: Days Allotted : Number of stations:

7 Conferencing Hitting My Target Name_______________________ My Current Performance: My Goal: % homework completed per week % correct responses Plan: (List how you might reach the goal.) _________ Using Alternate Teaching model? Try Remember: ALL kids need goals!!!

8 Small Group Lead Teacher Time Activity Alternate Teaching Model

9 Avoid interrupting other learners! Think “Non-Verbal” Use proximity Talk quietly/privately to student Step outside as needed- BEFORE a situation arises Sign for STOPSign for WORK

10 Find a “formula” that fits! Based on the styles listed above, what do you believe would be your preferred method of co-teaching? Do you see yourself alternating roles, or finding one model that works best for you?

11 The Plan When do we plan? How do we plan? What do we plan?

12 Consider Planning Around… Time Tasks Roles

13 Who does what in YOUR classroom? Instructional TasksManagerial Tasks

14 Get activities from the text website!

15 What do we need to clarify with administrators before implementing our partnership? What will tell “regular” students? What will we tell parents? What do we tell the students with exceptionalities? Communicating with Others

16 Target: Time Allocated Time: Time scheduled for Instruction Engaged Time: Time student spends Working on objective Bull’s Eye Academic Learning Time Time student spends Working on objective And MASTERING it! What is the Concrete evidence that they are learning? Adapted from Guillaume 2004


18 Universal Design for Learning Plan every lesson with all learners in mind rather than modifying for particular students. Construction example. Instructional Design. Did you know: Color Alignment Images matter!

19 Great Resources Or….Sites to make our jobs easier!





24 rehearsal Alternate activities



27 Sample: Animated video lessons On ALL of these topics! Check out just the Math lessons!

28 Consider this: 1.Movie can be run full screen to avoid visual distractions 2.Movie can be REVIEWED as often as needed for learners who don’t “get it” 3.Instruction is available from home or wherever there is internet access (public library) 4.Spanish version an option

29 Provide graphic organizing for notetaking Vocabulary: _________ Key points: KineticPotential

30 You can even… Align with state standards!



33 What layers can YOU add? Ideas for enhancing our classroom:

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