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By: Meranda in partnership with LT Jason Mansour. Hurricane Hunter pilot.

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1 By: Meranda in partnership with LT Jason Mansour. Hurricane Hunter pilot

2 How do we know what happens in a hurricane, or what will happen? Thanks to scientists like Jason Mansour we can learn about hurricanes and be safer knowing what will happen. The following presentation is about being a hurricane hunter pilot. click here! Introduction

3 How hurricane hunter pilots research hurricanes What hurricane hunter pilots do to get data is they fly directly into the hurricane, but it’s not as dangerous as It sounds. They go into a storm from the outer edge all of the way to the eye at the storm's center and out the other side. On a normal flight, an airplane might repeat this a half dozen times.

4 Aircrafts There are a number of aircrafts you can fly when you’re a hurricane hunter pilot. One is the gulfstream 4. The gulfstream 4 is a high altitude, high speed, twin turbofan jet. The gulfstream 4 is designed to collect, process and transmit vertical atmospheric soundings in the environment of the hurricane. Another air craft is the DeHavilland twin otter. The twin otter is a highly maneuverable, versatile aircraft which can be flown slowly and in tight circles.

5 This video shows

6 The data People look at hurricane data with the hurricane data analysis tool. The data analysis tool is allows users to overlay various data products relevant in the study of hurricanes in an area plot, a time plot or animation using an interactive tool. This tool is beneficial for users to obtain a visualization of a single product, animation or a comparison of two products during a hurricane event.

7 What are the benefits of hurricane hunter pilots? Hurricane hunter pilots help out in a big way for many different reasons. One way they help out is they collect data of the hurricane to see what the hurricane will do. If meteorologists know what the hurricane can do, then it can be on the news and people can prepare and there will be lass casualties. The data collected can be used for research also.

8 Dropsonde A dropsonde is a sensor that the hurricane aircrafts drop into the hurricane to measure temperature, pressure, humidity, and wind. The dropsonde transmits data really fast to the aircraft that dropped it. The dropsonde allows meteorologists to take measurements at any point around and within a hurricane, providing more complete data than was previously available.

9 Conclusion Hurricane hunters are really important for safety of citizens. They also collect data for research of hurricanes. Jason Mansour

10 2008.html cane _bl/2007/08/roatans-hurrica.html This could not have been done without the support of Jason Mansour, a hurricane hunter pilot. bin/ X1Q ervation/aircraftrecon/hurricanehunters/ Bibliography

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