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DA BOMB! By Panawan Panpattanasawat Soyung Yoo SLANG PRESENTATION.

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1 DA BOMB! By Panawan Panpattanasawat Soyung Yoo SLANG PRESENTATION

2 DA BOMB! It can be noun "da bomb" or verb "bomb" There are 16 definitions in urban dictionary It can mean cool, excellent, old car, a failure, marijuana, very expensive, success, to fail, computer error, unpopular, move very fast etc.

3 Da Bomb! n. something/someone that is the best

4 Da Bomb! n. a very attractive woman

5 Old Bomb! n. an old car in very poor condition

6 Bomb v. to fail badly

7 Sentences with Da Bomb! Michael Jordan was da bomb, he was the greatest basketball player ever! I met a girl name's Stacey at the club last night. She's da bomb! Everybody wanted to hook up with her. I just threw away my old bomb. It used to be my grandpa's car which was made 30 years ago! I had to decide whether I should drop a Calculus class because I wasn’t doing well in and absolutely bombed the final exam therefore I bombed the entire class.

8 Who use it & how? African-American slang that became popular in the 1990s Used by teenager boys Replace 'The' with 'Da', and 'bomb' refers to something very powerful and explosive Now, it is old fashion

9 Synonyms Da bomb = Awesome, The best, Excellent, Perfect, Fabulous Old bomb = Dilapidated car, Old car To bomb = To fail

10 Evolution of word 1909 modern sense of "explosive device placed by hand or dropped from airplane" 1942 pretty woman 1953 old car 1954 success 1963 a failure late 1990s the best Sourace:

11 Questionnaire Location: Park Ave. and SMSU Interviewees: A variety of age and gender Demographic Variables Number of Respondents Sex Female4 Male4 Age 10s1 20s3 30s2 60s1 70s1

12 Interview Questions Do you use this word? When did you first use this word? Do you think this word has positive or negative connotations? Who do you think they're going to use this word more?

13 How “da bomb” is used in real context? Elderly people: don't know this slang 5/8 people: used when they were teenagers 5/8 people: think it would be used by young males 6/8 people: positive connotations such as cool, or awesome

14 Anomalies One interviewee replied that the connotation varies with the context E.g., The food is da bomb (positive) The drug is da bomb (?)

15 “Da bomb” in Korean In Korean -> negative connotations In blind dates, when people do not like their partners, they'll say “she/he is da bomb”

16 Thank You

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