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W IDE W ORLD OF S PORTS AND E NTERTAINMENT. S ECTIONS Industry ___________ Special Marketing Tools Destinations: ________ and Tourism Worldwide Sports.

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2 S ECTIONS Industry ___________ Special Marketing Tools Destinations: ________ and Tourism Worldwide Sports and Entertainment Events

3 S PORTS AND E NTERTAINMENT I NDUSTRY __________- a group of organizations involved in producing or handling the same product or type of services Industry subdivisions-country, rock, rap, pop, hip- hop, top 40 There is much competition for consumer ____ Impt for businesses in related industries to understand consumer behaviors and spending habits Enables better strategies to increase market share and overcome competition

4 I NDUSTRY S TANDARDS AND T RENDS Industry _______ – guidelines and goals set for different entertainment industries Ex: 3 star hotel standard: Clean, nicely furnished with amenities like a pool, fitness center, room service, and Internet Research is conducted to determine an industry ______ Provide examples of what to expect for attendance, revenue, length of events, etc. Ex: Average attendance at a state fair or game, average cost for a 3-day sports camp or avg salary for player Industry _______show latest demand for and consumer response to S/E events and their growth or decline over time Collected data over time can show an industry trend of NASCAR attendance growing The professional and college sports are concerned with the trend of young kids showing less interest in organized sports Marketing plans are often based on industry trends

5 M ARKETING D ECISIONS FOR AN I NDUSTRY Marketing decisions are based on industry ________, ________, and ________ Ex: Basketball Camp Standard: Determine what should be taught at the camp, amount of liability insurance Norms: # of days, prince charged per student, max. enrollment for one camp, avg revenue from related sponsors Trends: the popularity of a particular camp, best time of year for success, most effective advertising methods for camp

6 U.S. S PORT C AMPS (USSC) Most popular camps include tennis, swimming, football, golf, basketball USSC manages the _________ and ______________of camps throughout the country Close ties with Nike; Nike sponsors many of the camps and provides apparel to participants and staff Some on college campuses with college coaches providing training and instruction Coaches hire own staff USSC website ($80,000) $_____ million in online sales in one year Attributes success to: Direct mail campaigns and advertisements in sports magazines geared toward young athletes-all ads lead to website Register and pay for camps through website See the website!

7 C OLLEGE S PORTS Industry trend: A continual increase in __________ into the _________ to attract and hold top coaches for football and basketball Expenses covered by expanding stadiums and attracting sponsorships ISP Sports leader in __________ sports marketing Largest and fastest growing multimedia company See the new website!

8 T HE T ELEVISION I NDUSTRY Goal-produce ________ viewer ratings Reality TV replacing older shows __________ Branching out to Internet, video iPods, on- demand services New high ______ promotions-TV screens in various stores, groceries, malls, etc.

9 T HE C ONCERT I NDUSTRY Fewer stars with _________ appeal like Beatles and Rolling Stones Still draw large crowds (thousands of fans) No new stars can draw that crowd or charge that much ($______-$______ per ticket) Paul McCartney Tour (2001-2004) Sold out, each concert grossed $_____ million Concert industry in 2004 Avg ticket price $59, $1.96 billion in ticket sales Today’s youth are less interested in concerts Future: Smaller industry, more fragmented (more artists, smaller fan bases)

10 S TATE AND C OUNTY F AIRS Had to make dramatic changes to remain a viable _______________ option Last from 1-4 weeks ______________management group for fresher marketing ideas Goal-attract _________ audiences of young people _______ ticket sales and advertising Special topic news releases Better entertainment events Themes New children’s and teen programs, new sporting events Emphasis on the arts ______________

11 M OTIVATIONAL S PEAKING AND W RITING Successful speaking-excellent __________ and _________________ skills Rely on a strong marketing and promotional campaign and an agent to book speaking engagements Agents are paid percentage of fee charged for the speech Public speaking is big business in the sports industry Training to speak can be very difficult Speakers may hire speech __________ and ____________ to help them create a positive public image

12 P RICE OF M OTIVATION Speakers charge up to $_________! Coaches give speeches and charge $10-30K (Terry Bowden, Pat Summitt)

13 W RITING THEIR S TORIES Extend _________ career People love ___________ experiences and good stories Failures, triumphs, rags to riches, etc. Broadening the audience-universal themes and concerns The publishing process-__________writers, author receives royalties, literary agent (plans marketing)

14 S PORTS C AMPS AND C LINICS Top ____________ heading camps are believed to teach the best or help the kid get their foot in the door

15 S PONSORSHIPS Sports camps cost money for professional heading it up for leasing space marketing costs Sponsors keep costs ________ and therefore participants ______ down and add interest to event Target corporations to solicit them Nike, Champion Company will expect the following: Positive public ______ Visibility and spoken _____________ ____________ space in publications Presence of banners, posters, flyers, signs, _____ on all materials Potential _______

16 C AMP E XPECTATIONS Families can expect: Lodging Food Schedule of activities Location is a consideration

17 C LINICS Focus on ________ __________ unlike camp which focuses on more One to two day vs. longer Very ________ on one area of needed improvement

18 M ARKETING E QUALS S UCCESS If you promise then __________ or failure Sports camps and clinics rely on reputable ___________ and organizers to help them succeed

19 P ROMOTION 1 st, acquire location and sponsors 2 nd, get the word out! __________ the camp or clinic ____________ should include details including objectives, schedules, requirements (ages and skill levels), housing, dates, location, and costs Media and methods should include: Local newspaper, television, and radio advertising _________ or giveaways offering a free week at camp, t-shirt, item signed by the camp or clinic celebrity, etc Interviews and photos _____________ appearance by the camp’s celebrity

20 O NGOING P ROMOTIONS ____________ need to work with PR professionals to ensure info and photos make local newspapers Personal success stories Sponsors may choose to hold weekly drawings for their products Follow up materials to parents promote ___________ (Ex: Surveys to parents) Mailing list

21 A DVERTISING Could be well planned but if not marketed, fail Conduct market ___________ in area of camp What do citizens read? Participation in the sport? Prepare ad copy Determine best ______________ time based on the time participants need to prepare ____________-amateur athletes, little lead time ____________, E-Zines-dedicated athletes, specific sports, lead time greater than newspaper ___________, brochures-marketing companies can buy and create mailing lists, direct mail (most expensive) can be most effective if list is researched

22 D ESTINATIONS : T RAVEL AND T OURISM _________ industry is world’s largest industry Employs over ____ million people (Expected over ____mill by 2013) _________-traveling for pleasure whether independent or tour-based Includes vacations, family visits, attending conventions or sports/ent. events

23 A TTRACTING T OURISTS Cities want to _____ events (Superbowl) to attract out of town customers Airline tickets, hotel rooms, rent cars, local attractions, restaurants ______________ impact _______ EI-total of new spending resulting from an event/attraction Visitors-$375 per day Costs to city-OT for police, fire, security forces, facilities ________EI-determined by the multiplier effect-the portion of the money spent by visitors on lcoal goods and services that is in turn spent locally by employees and –ers.

24 T AILOR -M ADE V ACATIONS Travel marketers can plan a vacation to suit your ____________ _________ travel-recreational travel or tours planned around a special interest

25 E COTOURISM _______________-responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well being of the local people Attempt to _____________ the __________ impact of visitors to unique and sensitive environments and cultures _________ people of host country (Financially)

26 H ALLS OF F AME They are travel destinations and can serve as a basis for _____________ tourism ______________ keeps these alive Complete destination-single building vs. part of a complete destination (World Golf Village) Can entertain whole family, packages for sale

27 R ESORT AND T HEME P ARKS Theme parks-_________ oriented (activities, rides, movies, cartoons, etc.) _______-adult focused (golf, relaxing activites) Theme Park Central-__________ Florida 7 major theme parks 95 attractions 50 million visitors (47 million are domestic)

28 W ORLDWIDE S PORTS AND E NTERTAINMENT E VENTS ____________ Role Challenges in international marketing

29 G LOBAL S/E World _____________ grows (India, China)=S/E marketers are looking overseas for new places to distribute their products and services __________ Was poor, third world; one of the fastest growing economies in the world When basic needs are met, people seek S/E __________ Tremendous potential growth Population is over 1 billion consumers Working to increase travel and tourism there World Mouse Disney continues to lead in them park industry Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong Disney worlds/lands Joint venture-2 organizations share the cost and profit of a business Hong Kong SAR Government and Disney operate on a join venture SAR was responsible for much of infrastructure (water, sewer, roadways, etc)

30 I NTERNATIONAL M ARKETING ____________-international economic relationships Scoring with fans-Soccer (football) started in 300 or 200 BC in Asia and Europe FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) governing body for the game-has marketed well A ___________’s dream-Adidas (German) vs. Nike (American) to be world leader in sporting good sales Adidas sponsors the world cup Anheuser-Busch sponsor (exclusive rights to sell their beer at the world cup games until German beer Bit) Germany was selected to host games in 2006 and didn’t like AB Beer International sports trends-___________ spreading around the world A connected world-Consumer behavior for buying, using and selling music changed when Warner Music Group Corporation merged with SK Telecom Company Piracy-theft of copyrighted material

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