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Worldwide Sports and Entertainment Events

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1 Worldwide Sports and Entertainment Events
Lesson 3.4 Worldwide Sports and Entertainment Events

2 Global Sports and Entertainment An Expanding India
Has been a democracy for more than 60 years Changing itself from a poor, 3rd world country into one of the fastest growing economies in the world More discretionary money to spend on sports and entertainment Once basic needs are met, and people have leisure time, they seek sports and entertainment to fill their day

3 An Expanding China Population of over one billion in potential customers Since 1980’s economy has grown by more than 10% a year Theme parks, amusement parks, and zoos have opened at an astounding rate Not real successful

4 An Expanding China From 1990-2006, 2,500 parks opened
In contrast, fewer than 200 in US Only 300 of 2,500 are profitable Poor marketing research, planning, and too much competition have caused failures To stand out amongst the many is difficult

5 A World Mouse Disney leads theme park industry
Tokyo 1983, Paris 1992, Hong Kong 2005 Joint Venture – Walt Disney Co. and Hong Kong SAR Government share the costs and profits Government responsible for infrastructure – water, sewer, roadways, and underlying framework

6 A World Mouse 5.6 million visitors during first year
Had difficulty meeting that goal again due to ineffective marketing Projected to build in China by 2010 Have to reach agreement on distribution of Disney media Disney in Shanghai

7 International Marketing Scoring with Fans
Globalization – international economic relationships-goods and services flow quickly around the world Soccer has evolved into an international sport Today, more than 200 national football associations represent their countries as members of the Federation Internationale de Football Association

8 International Marketing Scoring with Fans
FIFA has helped propel football’s popularity as “the world’s game” through the World Cup FIFA calls football a “common denominator for everyone irrespective of socioeconomic and cultural differences,” making it a dream event for international marketing

9 A Sponsor’s Dream Adidas-Salomon (German sporting goods) and Nike estimate $1.5 billion in soccer-related sales in the years of a World Cup tournament Adidas provides funding In return, they are given rights to display signage, run advertisements, and use the World cup logo on its merchandise and in advertisements

10 International Sports Trends
The state of world sports today has much to do with political history When US ended occupation of Japan after WWII, it left bubble gum, baseball caps, and American baseball Baseball in Japan exploded MLB opened an office in Tokyo to spur promotional activity

11 International Sports Trends
World Baseball Classic Modeled after football’s (soccer’s) World Cup Goal: to determine a world baseball champion

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