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New & Emerging Technology How Technology continues to Enhance the Classroom.

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1 New & Emerging Technology How Technology continues to Enhance the Classroom

2 More choice, less mess, and less money spent Virtual Labs give teachers and students many more opportunities to become involved with different labs. Using these labs can also help teachers save money and resources! Virtual Labs = More Opportunities

3 This photo is what a homepage for Virtual Labs looks like. This is a FREE site that can be used on any computer with internet access. There is so much on this site along with 4 different virtual labs and accompanying information. Steps to Use this: 1)Open Internet 2)Type in 3) Browse Site

4 Old School vs. New School This technology is being implemented throughout many high schools and universities across the nation. They reduce the use of potentially harmful chemicals and use of materials. Virtual Labs also have several other resources including practice exercises and materials for students to study from. Although math is prevalent in our everyday lives it is not as apparent in secondary virtual labs. There are many examples of Virtual Labs for Physics or Astrophysics but high school math has yet to be fully incorporated.

5 Uses in English/Language Arts: Classes can use virtual lab exercises to gather information for a variety of writing activities. Students can really place themselves into character while writing creative fiction and non-fiction.

6 By not having to print hundreds of copies a day one document camera can save paper! Document Cameras Can Save Trees! among other great things!

7 Here are some examples of how a document camera is used in 3 different disciplines. These are useful for: ~ displaying small items to a large class ~showing detail ~showing the whole class procedures

8 How to Get/Use a Document Camera: 1)Get funding! (they cost on average about $400) 2)Learn how to use the new technology (lots of features) 3)Implement it in your class & reap the benefits! Although the initial cost of a document camera is high, in the long run schools will save money on paper and printing costs.

9 Uses in Math classes: going over problems to explain the material Go over practice problems can be easier and more resourceful than a white board can put questions on freeze mode of practice problems and give them time to work on them and ask students to explain them and how they found the answers

10 Uses in English: To show students a sample writing Have one copy to show the whole class Use to show actual process of sentence structure, paragraph form, etc Have students show peers a process or personal work

11 Uses in Biology: For dissections Building Molecules Showing details in specific features of a cell or Petri dish

12 There are many ways these new technologies can be implemented in the classroom. It takes patience, knowledge, and money (at first) but in the end it is worth it for the teacher and students alike.

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