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What You Need to Know About TNReady Tennessee’s New Assessment in Math & English Language Arts.

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1 What You Need to Know About TNReady Tennessee’s New Assessment in Math & English Language Arts

2 We are Preparing Students for a Changing World Few working professionals have simple multiple-choice options when solving a problem in the real world. In order for Tennessee students to be competitive in a world that is constantly changing, our students must strengthen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. TNReady asks students to both master basic skills and explain how they use these skills to solve more complex problems. 2

3 Tennessee students are struggling in the early years after high school. 3 72,865 Students 2007 Cohort of High School Freshmen 10,545 students did not graduate from high school 22,334 students graduated from high school and entered the workforce and earn an average salary of $9,030 annually 40,235 students enrolled in postsecondary. 58 percent were still enrolled in one year (or 20,418 of the 35,055 who enrolled immediately after graduation). 3,514 had completed a certificate or degree within three years.

4 Tennessee Promise gives students an incredible, new opportunity. 4 Free, Public K-14 System Grades K-12 Grades Tennessee Promise Additional Postsecondary Education and Career Opportunities

5 It's now our responsibility to set students up for success… 5 Given our progress, the changing world, and the opportunity of Tennessee Promise, we must reorganize around a new vision: Progress Changing World TN Promise SUCCESS AFTER GRADUATION Grades K-12 Grades Tennessee Promise TNReady

6 TNReady will measure if students are on the right track. TNReady will provide students, teachers, and parents with more accurate, and authentic information about student progress and achievement. TNReady offers parents, students, and teachers with a new and improved academic check-up each year to make sure all students are moving forward and are track to graduate from high school and be successful in college or the workplace. 6

7 And remember… 7 We have been preparing for this for years. We have done so much work to get students and teachers ready… We have been through transitions like this before.

8 Increasing expectations will pay off for students. Tennessee students are capable of growth with time and support: – 11 th Grade Writing: In 2004 – 72% In 2012 – 92% – Algebra II TCAP In 2011 – 30.8% In 2014 – 47.9% Approximately 100,000 additional Tennessee students are on grade level in math compared to More than 57,000 additional Tennessee students are on grade level in science compared to

9 We can compete nationally…. 9

10 Gains for African American students also topped the nation * Certain states did not test sufficient numbers of African American students to be included in NAEP reports 10 We can close achievement gaps.

11 TNReady begins in the school year. TNReady will replace the state’s TCAP multiple-choice only tests in reading and math, grades 3-11, and will include a variety of question types as well as writing. TNReady has been developed by Tennessee educators to better assess student knowledge, as well as critical thinking and problem-solving skills – in short, all the things students will need to succeed following high school. 11

12 TNReady will be more engaging. In reading and writing – students will read from texts and provide written responses to support their answers. In math – students will solve multi-step problems, many without using a calculator, to show what they know. Much like teachers already do in their classrooms, TNReady will give students a variety of new ways to show what they really know and can do. TNReady will be given in two parts. 12

13 TNReady - Part I Part I for ELA will replace the state’s current writing assessment. – It will require open-ended written responses in ELA. Part I for Math will include performance tasks in grades 3 – 8. – These performance tasks will include open-ended responses and be multi-step problems that allow students to demonstrate several skills towards a practical application. Part I of TNReady will be administered during a window that opens in early February and closes in early March. – This is the same timeframe as the current writing assessment. 13

14 Sample Math Performance Task: 5 th Grade a)Write an equation that will allow you to find the volume of a box of sugar cubes for Sweet D-Lite. b)How many more sugar cubes can Sweet D-Lite put in their box than Tastee Treats? c)How much does it cost Sweet D-Lite to fill one of their boxes with sugar cubes to the nearest dollar? d)How much does it cost Tastee Treats to fill one of their boxes with sugar cubes to the nearest dollar? e)Both companies want to sell $1, worth of boxes of sugar cubes. Which company will need to sell more boxes? How many more boxes will that company sell? 1 cm Sweet D-Lite and Tastee Treats are sugar companies. They both sell sugar cubes that are 1 cubic cm. Sweet D-Lite packs their sugar cubes in boxes that are 4cm x 6cm x 9 cm. Tastee Treats packs their sugar cubes in boxes that are 3cm x 5cm x 11 cm. It costs both companies $0.06 to make 1 sugar cube. 1 cm Sugar Cube

15 Sample ELA Writing Prompt: 3rd-5th Grade Write a 1-3 paragraph explanation of how animals use their bodies to sense the world around them. Your explanation must be based on ideas and information that can be found in the “Animals Senses” set. Manage your time carefully so you can – Plan – Write – Revise – Edit

16 TNReady - Part II The second portion of TNReady will replace the current TCAP tests for math and English language arts administered in April/May. This portion will ask students to select responses for multiple types of questions. Performance on Part I and Part II will be combined into a single composite score for each student. 16

17 Question Types Part II will include multiple types of questions that provide students a variety of ways to show what they know. 17 InteractiveOpen-ended responseEvidenced-basedSelected response

18 Interactive Questions These types of questions ask students to: Move or manipulate items Move around graphics Complete exercises that reflect real work activities like editing a paper or graphing an equation 18

19 Open-Ended Questions These types of questions: Ask students to type an answer where no choices are given and provide an open-ended response 19

20 Evidence-based Questions These types of questions are usually two-part and: Ask students to support their answer Part B of the question typically requires the student to choose a piece of evidence using the text to support their answer in Part A 20

21 Multiple Choice and Multiple Select Questions These type of questions: Ask students to select the right answer either by - – Selecting one correct answer from many options – Selecting multiple correct answers from many options 21

22 TNReady Practice Tools Each standard will have an example question that reflects the design of TNReady test questions Item Sampler Mini practice tests will be available for both Part One and Part Two of TNReady Same platform as the actual test Practice Test 22

23 Item Sampler – Answer Questions & View Results 23

24 TNReady - Detailed Reporting for Parents & Teachers Teachers and parents want to know how their students are doing in school and where they need to improve. TNReady assessment will provide students, teachers, and parents with more detailed, accurate, and authentic information about each student’s progress and achievement in the classroom. 24

25 Online Assessment TNReady will be administered online. This gives Tennessee students an opportunity to develop critical technology skills they need for success, while also ensuring that they do not fall behind their peers in other states where online tests are given. We have phased in required online testing over the last four years. Many states have been testing online for 15+ years. 25

26 Refining TNReady… With Educator Involvement Tennessee educators – both at the K-12 and higher education levels — were involved in the selection process of TNReady. Tennessee will make decisions about item selection, test length and composition, and scoring. Going forward and on an ongoing basis, Tennessee will decide on changes to the test based on changes to standards, and Tennessee teachers will be engaged in item development and review. 26

27 TNReady…Preparing Students for Success After Graduation “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” - John Dewey “We are now at a point where we must educate our children in what no one knew yesterday and prepare our schools for what no one knows yet.” - Margaret Mead 27

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