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Best Practices Session Agenda April 24, 2008 MANY thanks to Mark for stepping in at the last minute! Business update Fall launch of AskAway test in select.

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1 Best Practices Session Agenda April 24, 2008 MANY thanks to Mark for stepping in at the last minute! Business update Fall launch of AskAway test in select Wisconsin schools Update on public relations activities including the summer YouTube contest and the newsletter Recommended sources for technology, computing, new media General best practice reminders Transcript review

2 Fall Test of AskAway in Select Schools Wisconsin students are using AskAway, we hope to improve the experience for them and for responding chat librarians and build use in the schools Department of Public Instruction Education Consultants are assisting in identifying a small test group of school libraries Focusing on schools in public library systems that participate in chat School libraries will post links to the chat service

3 Fall Test of AskAway in Select Schools School contacts will be trained to train their students on AskAway functionality and appropriate use Reference and Loan will provide post-chat follow-up and/or work with local public libraries to handle follow-up Specific autumn start date for test is under discussion We’ll share more details as the school selection process shapes up For more information, or to recommend a school library please contact Martha Berninger at 608-224-6168 or email

4 AskAway Newsletter Update View the current issue on the Wiki at: Recurring topics will include statistics, updates on AskAway marketing, news of the national QuestionPoint consortium and interesting/fun facts Moving to bi-monthly release – the March/April issue will be released May 2 Please share the newsletter with your directors, board members and patrons! Don’t be shy with your suggestions, comments, and recommendations

5 Technology, Computing, Gaming and New Media The rapid pace of change in these fields can make it hard to keep ahead of the full range of patron’s wants and needs Be patient and ask lots of questions to refine the scope of user’s questions Librarians can find it daunting to handle gaming and tech questions for young adults and children who may be impatient, advanced users Do your best, and refer patron’s back to their own libraries if necessary. Libraries are working to build subject area expertise into their young adult and reference staff, tap into those resources.

6 A Sampling of Technology, Computing, Gaming and New Media Sites There are too many sources to cover the full spectrum – we’ll just scratches the surface Check with your kids, your IT expert and young adult services staff for more ideas! We’ll review: –Computing –Mobile computing and cell phones –MP3 and audio devices –Gaming

7 YALSA Teen Tech Guides for more ideas

8 PC World includes News, Reviews, Video Demos, Downloads and More

9 Maximum PC Offers News, Reviews and More in Print, PDG and PodCast

10 Search Smart Computing for News and Reviews

11 Kim Komando’s Downloads

12 Kim Komando’s Kids Site

13 Major Geeks for downloading shareware, reviews and forums

14 - Search a database of vendor white papers, case studies, webcasts and product information

15 For all the solutions you need in finding a fix for your computer or Internet related errors, problems, and pain in the neck quirks. These sites offer tips, tricks, tweaks, fixes, and feedback for almost any issue you may have. From the novice user (newbie) to the advanced tech, there is a site for you here. There's also a page of Webmaster's links availableWebmaster's links

16 Web-friend links to TONS of help sites – this is just one page of links

17 Tech Tips (Home page is a “sales page” – see small Tech Tips tab at page top to get here.)

18 Complete Tech Tips Archive

19 How Stuff Works for Basic Information on Computing, Audio, Phones and More

20 Check Laptop for all Mobile Technologies

21 – consumer electronics reviews, buying guides and price comparisons

22 Cellphonedia for all things Cellular

23 Game On site on gaming for librarians

24 Don’t Overlook the Open Directory Project Games Pages

25 Also See the Kids and Teens Game Section in the Open Directory Project

26 GameInformer

27 GameZone PC PS2 PS3 XBOX 360 PSP GBA DS MOBILE WII MMPOG Cheats Interviews New Releases News Podcasts Downloads Online Games Editorials Price Locators Forums

28 GameZone

29 Search GameInformer for Game Release Dates, News and Reviews

30 GameSpot - video gaming website provides news, reviews, previews, and downloads

31 Wii support page

32 Common Sense Media - dedicated to improving the media & entertainment lives of kids & families

33 That’s all about Technology and Games And now – on to Transcript reviews

34 Transcript #1 Patron: Can you tell me where to find a schematic/map of the London subway system? Thanks Librarian 1: Librarian 'E' has joined the session. Patron: Hello E Librarian 1: welcome to Reference Chat. I'll see what I can find. Please wait a moment. Patron: Thanks. Librarian 1: I went to Google and typed in schematic map london subway system. Several links came up including a Wikipedia article with colored maps. Wikipedia is not always accurate so I would check two or three of the links. Good luck! Patron: Okay, I'll give that a shot. Thanks. Librarian 1: ) Thanks for using online chat. Have a nice day! Librarian 1: Librarian ended chat session. Librarian 1: Note: Set Resolution: Answered

35 Always Conduct a Reference Interview E did a good job providing the patron with the terms she used to search Google, giving a disclaimer about Wikipedia's accuracy, and suggesting that the patron use the links cited at the bottom of the Wikipedia page. The Best Practices document ( Practices#ReferenceInterview/ResourceSelection) states that the librarian should conduct a reference interview during the session. Practices#ReferenceInterview/ResourceSelection E did not clarify the patron's information need before beginning the search and providing a resource. The best sessions occur when chatting librarians have conversations with the patrons about their topics. Many times patrons have already searched Google and Wikipedia before coming to our service for professional help. E’s "Good luck!" comment after making that suggestion (sounding like she was ending the call), did not seem to allow for the possibility that the patron already tried those resources.

36 Transcript #2 Patron: When I pay my late fines are they going to the library or the city? I guess I'm trying to make myself feel better for accruing late fees, and if they are going back to the library, I'll feel better. Librarian 1: Librarian 'A' has joined the session. Librarian 1: Hi and welcome to Reference Chat. Every library system handles fines differently. I would contact your primary library to find out. Patron: That's interesting. Thanks! Librarian 1: Thanks for using online chat. Have a nice day! Librarian 1: Librarian ended chat session. Librarian 2: Recalled by institution:10057. Reason: recalling for followup. tt/grs Librarian 3: Hello, Yes, the overdue fines you pay go towards the library's budget. Feel better and thanks for supporting the Seattle Library System. Borrower Services, (206) 386-4190

37 Feedback on greeting the patron In A’s first chat to the patron, she suggested that the patron contact his "primary library." These "contact the library" statements can be very confusing to the patron who was, after all, visiting the Seattle PL's website and specifically choosing to contact the library through our cooperative chat service. This is why the suggested greetings are important: the librarians in the national chat service should acknowledge that although they are from elsewhere, they are monitoring as part of a national chat service and are thus willing to help in any way that they can. The Best Practices document offers examples for the types of hello messages that are recommended for use in Cooperative sessions:

38 Send Questions for followup Rather than recommending patron call their library it is best if the chatting librarian simply sends a patron's question to Followup so a local librarian can respond via email It saves duplication of effort for both the patron and the librarian. At the very least, it is best if the librarian gives the patron choices of a) providing or verifying his email address so the local librarians can follow up by email, or b) having the chatting librarian give him a phone number so he can call on his own. With choices, the patron decides which method of service works best for him and the local librarians can see through reviewing the transcript if the patron declined the email followup (but more importantly, that the chatting librarian offered it as an option).

39 Transcript #3 – Maybe it was just a bad day at the library… Patron: Hello Librarian 1: Note: Patron's screen name: Librarian 1: Librarian 'G” has joined the session. Librarian 1: hello Librarian 1: how may we assist G here Patron: Ohh few minutes before I talk with marie but I had problems with my pc,Can I talk with her again? Librarian 1: I will hang up and hope she sees this Librarian 1: Librarian ended chat session. Librarian 1: Note: Set Resolution: Followup By Patron's Library Librarian 1: Referred from: Chat Transcript to Shared Followup Librarian 1: Note: Set Description: No question

40 Greeting and Transferring Hello Message Chatting librarians should use a greeting that mentions the cooperative aspect of the service. The Best Practices document provides some examples here: Transferring the Call The patron mentioned having talked with Marie in an earlier session and asked to speak with her again. G responded, "I will hang up and hope she sees this." I am not sure how Marie would be able to see the question if G ended the call. G should have seen if Marie was still online and available so he could transfer the call to her. He could check the Chat Monitoring Tool on the My QuestionPoint Page and/or look in the "Librarians" tab in the Chat Monitor.

41 Transferring calls completed and Descriptive Codes (Once again) The Policies and Procedures document gives instructions for transferring calls: There is a short viewlet on Using IM and Transfer at that might be useful in terms of training. DESCRIPTIVE CODES Use of descriptive codes for sessions with patrons of other libraries is a common error of newer, less experienced chat librarians. G selected a descriptive code, which should only be used with sessions from your own patrons, not when you answer questions for the Cooperative. For more information, please see Susan's QP blog posting at criptive_cod.html). criptive_cod.html

42 In Conclusion Thanks again to Mark for stepping in! Thank you all for your participation Recommendations/suggestions for May and June? Send them along to Martha Berninger

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