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Warm-Up Direction: Copy down the questions and provide answers.

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1 Warm-Up Direction: Copy down the questions and provide answers. How many layers are there in the Earth’s interior? Who discovered the concept of gravity? Label the Earth layers in this picture Agenda Notes Chp 2-2 Sphere Poster Homework Earth’s Interior WS?

2 Chapter 2-2 Earth’s Four Spheres
Atmosphere = air Biosphere = life Hydrosphere = water Geosphere (Lithosphere) = rock Introductory unit learned about the interior of the earth and now the exterior

3 Atmosphere Blanket of gases that surrounds Earth
78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen Provides the air we breathe and shields us from the Sun’s harmful radiation

4 Biosphere Includes all of the life forms found in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere. Extends from the deepest part of the ocean to several miles above Earth’s surface Coconut Crab (terrestrial hermit crab), blobfish (deep under water ft Australia coast), Dust mite (microscopic allergen source)

5 Hydrosphere Contains all of Earth’s water
Covers 71% of Earth’s surface 97% of Earth’s water is in the salty oceans 3% of water is fresh water found in lakes, rivers, frozen glaciers, and underground in the soil.

6 Geosphere Includes all the rock and soil on the surface of the continents and on the ocean floor Also includes the interior of the Earth Volcanoes bring matter from the interior to the surface while other processes move surface matter to the interior Play spheres video

7 Sphere Poster Select one of the four spheres
Defend why is your sphere better than the other three! You need: 1 poster per group (four members or less) An opening argument/statement (Our sphere is the best because _________) Write 3 Evidence to back up your argument Write 3 facts about your sphere A beautiful poster with at least 4 colored pictures! Class Presentation Today (all group members must speak)

8 Homework Earth’s Interior Worksheet Due Thursday

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