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The Cell Theory Notes.

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1 The Cell Theory Notes

2 Objective Summarize the discoveries that led to the development of the cell theory.

3 Vocabulary Cell theory

4 1665 Hooke was the first to identify cells, and he named them.

5 1674 Because he made lenses, Leeuwenhoek observed cells in greater detail.

6 1838 Schleiden was the first to note that plants are made up of cells.

7 1839 Schwann concluded that all living things are made of cells.

8 1855 Virchow proposed that all cells come from other cells.

9 Cell theory All organisms are made up of one or more cells.
The cell is the basic unit of organization in organisms. All cells come from cells.

10 An organism can be one cell or many cells like most plants and animals.

11 Even in complex organisms, the cell is the basic unit of structure and function.

12 Most cells can divide to form two new, identical cells.

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