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Niki Walker DELTA for Teacher Development 5 th November 2013.

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1 Niki Walker DELTA for Teacher Development 5 th November 2013

2 Niki Walker What makes a good teacher?

3 Niki Walker Niki Walker I always try to engage the students through a context that relates to their lives or is relevant to today. I never have the students stay in the same place for the whole lesson. I change my lesson according to the students’ emergent language or affective needs when necessary.

4 Niki Walker Niki Walker Some current DELTA participants Maddy, Auckland: General English and IELTS. Experience: 3 years in Fiji and New Zealand David, Melbourne: Exam classes (FCE, IELTS). Experience: 9 years in Thailand and Australia Jill, Melbourne: ESP class (OET) Experience: over 20 years in Australia, the UK and Italy

5 Niki Walker Maddy What have you noticed about your teaching? Has your role changed at work? Did you feel you had enough support over the course?

6 Niki Walker David What has the course given you as a teacher? Reflection Knowledge How did you find doing modules by distance? + course tutors + website + flexibility - intense workload for 9 months

7 Niki Walker Jill What has surprised you about the DELTA? What advice would you give to someone considering starting the DELTA next year?

8 Niki Walker The Distance DELTA Three Modules: Module One and Three online Module Two Orientation Course in Melbourne and in your place of work

9 Niki Walker Module One Extends knowledge of language, background theory and resources to inform classroom practice 3 months (distance) All courses start March and September every year, leading to Cambridge assessment in June and December.

10 Niki Walker Module Two Teaching practice (over 9 months) Orientation Course (March or September- 2 weeks)

11 Niki Walker Module Three Option 1- ELT Specialism: YL, Business English, EAP, ESOL Literacy, Exam Teaching Option Two- English Language Teaching Management (ELTM): Academic Management, Human Resources Management, Customer Service, Marketing

12 Niki Walker


14 The Distance DELTA

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