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Driving Force Australia

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1 Driving Force Australia
Maximise your sales performance through increasing employee engagement & developing quality long-term customer relationships

2 The Engagement Profit Chain
Engaged employees Higher service standards, productivity and quality Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty Increased sales due to increased referrals and repeat business Increased profit / shareholder returns Employee engagement directly impacts customer loyalty which in turn directly impacts sales & profit. Heskett and Sassar (2008) In their study, they found that a 5% increase in customer loyalty alone can boost profits by 25-85%. One reason this is so high is because there are less costs associated with servicing existing customers than continually sourcing new customers. Aon Hewitt (2011) conducted a survey of over 124,000 employees across 200 companies, in Australia and New Zealand. They found that companies with an engagement score of 65 per cent or higher have, on average, profit growth four times that of other organisations.

3 The Employee Engagement Challenge
Engaged employees are: more passionate about striving for company goals more productive more willing to recommend their employer to others and stay longer Significant number of studies done on employee engagement. All the results agree – on average only 1/3 of the workforce reporting to be engaged. The 2009 Gallup Engagement Index (42,000 employees) confirmed that only 33% are engaged, 49% are disengaged (employees who have lost passion and neglect to put energy into their work) and 18% were actively disengaged (that is disruptive and hindering the achievement of the organisations goal). As desirable as engaged employees are, and despite all the efforts to increase it, on average only one third of the workforce is engaged.

4 What’s unique about our approach?
Meta-engagement: the way engagement is driven, must be engaging. Engagement must be a shared responsibility: we can help at the organisational, managerial or individual employee level. Some initiatives fail because they are too focused on improving the employee value proposition (benefits) and not on engaging intrinsic motivators.

5 Facilitating Employee Engagement
Examples of Solutions Driving Force Australia can facilitate in your organisation Create an engaging workplace culture Develop engagement skills in managers Help staff take responsibility for their own level of engagement Reposition employer brand Improve role clarity through job descriptions Revise recruitment processes Design & implement performance management processes Improve talent management systems Review reward & recognition practices Typical Symptoms of Low Levels of Employee Engagement Workplace conflicts Lack of accountability Poor performance Poor safety or staff attendance records Low levels of respect High or low staff turnover Communication issues Erica Collins

6 Customer Loyalty Revenue per transaction Transactions per year
Revenue per customer per year # years as customer Lifetime value of customer $100 10 $1,000 $10,000 Ashley’s blog The lifetime value of a customer is the total revenue they will bring to your business across their entire relationship with you. The diagram shows that a simple one-off transaction of $100 from a customer who purchased the product / service ten times per year over a ten year period could ultimately spend $10,000. Too often these customers are treated like they are only worth $100, not the real worth to your business of $10,000+. What if they also recommended your business to ten other customers?

7 Maximising Sales Consulting
Examples of Solutions offered by Driving Force Australia Drive a customer focussed culture Develop sales capabilities in sales staff Build relationship skills Increase emotional intelligence Improve personal effectiveness Review & improve sales processes Develop sales managers and/or teams Typical Symptoms of Less than Optimum Sales Poor or reduced sales results High level of customer complaints or no customer complaints Boss unsure what sales staff do Lack of new customers High customer attrition Ashley Collins (03)

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