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Why is Shakespeare Important?

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1 Why is Shakespeare Important?
(Because he’s awesome!!!)

2 He illustrates a time period
Many aspects of Elizabethan society are present in his plays. Monarchy Court Characters who represent everyday common, people

3 He was the most famous playwright of all time
Uses themes that are universal and stand the test of time. Love Envy Greed Friendship Power Deception

4 Universal Themes These are things people experience throughout history around the world. Shakespeare, through his plays, explains the human condition.

5 He Affects Our Language
Popular words and phrases “Love is blind,” “milk of human kindness,” etc. No standard spelling or meaning for words in this time period His works celebrated the “beauty of the written word.” No scenery and very few props – he had to paint a picture with words.

6 Shakespeare gave the theatre legitimacy
He was good at his craft and was well-respected by the people in authority, as well as by the general public. If the queen likes him, then everyone should like him.

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