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“Promoting a Smoke-free Environment” Lesson 3

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1 “Promoting a Smoke-free Environment” Lesson 3
Tobacco Unit “Promoting a Smoke-free Environment” Lesson 3

2 Risk for smokers & Non-smokers
Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) Passive smoke: is smoke inhaled by the non-smoker. Main-stream smoke: is the smoke exhaled by the smoker. Side-stream smoke: is the smoke that comes from the burning tobacco.

3 Effects of smoke on Non-smokers
Smoke on Young children Higher risk of sore throats, ear infections, respiratory issues Increased risk of lung cancer if living with parents who smoke.

4 Reducing the risk from ETS
No smoking inside by family or visitors Use air filters and cleaners If smoking inside, open windows/doors

5 More ideas for Reducing the risk from ETS
Make one room a smoking room When gathering-ask to meet at a place that doesn’t allow smoking Healthy People 2010 is a Gov’t agency designed to promote health across the country

6 Topics for Discussion 1. What if you were a waiter or waitress in a bar, what are the affects of passive smoke? As an employee what rights should you have to avoid these problems? 2. Should we have even more restrictive laws against smoking in public? Why or why not? What are some of the reasons employers prefer to hire a person who does Not smoke over one who does. What incentives could you offer to your employees to help them stop smoking?

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