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Copyright, 1996 © Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. Presented by: Creekview High School Student Services.

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1 Copyright, 1996 © Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. Presented by: Creekview High School Student Services

2 What are we doing for your student? College Planning Groups through History classes ACT/SAT—Which one is best for me? How to apply and send transcripts Scholarship opportunities

3 Five subtests given:  English  Math  Reading  Science Reasoning  *Writing *optional, but recommended Subtest and Composite scores range from 1-36 If taken multiple times, student selects scores to be sent Given at Creekview : Feb. 9 ( to register)

4 3 Subtests given: Critical Reading Math Writing Scores range from 200-800 If taken multiple times, student selects scores to be sent Given at Creekview : March 9 to register

5  Current Math Course  Course rigor—Honors or AP courses  PSAT percentiles from sophomore year SAT success requires stronger Reasoning Skills Recommendation based on: ACT success requires exposure to College Prep curriculum Students planning on attending a 2-Year or Technical College do not have to take either the ACT or SAT


7 Required by many highly selective colleges/universities for admission Examples include: Duke University Harvard University Georgetown University Can take up to three subject tests on a test date Examples include:US History, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Literature

8 ACT Contact your child’s caseholder at the beginning of the year to fill out a request for accommodations PSAT/SAT/AP SSD (Services for Students with Disabilities) paperwork needs to be filled out during sophomore-year annual reviews. All accommodations must be approved and in place within the classroom/school for a student to be eligible for national test accommodations.

9 Courses  SAT Prep Creekview HS  The Huntington Exam Prep Center  PSAT given in grades 9, 10 and 11 Materials  Workbooks, software, and online programs  ACT and SAT websites offer test prep  Georgia College 411 website


11  Provide information—Student Services Website  Help support your family in the college discussion  Help your family make the application process manageable  Help create a realistic and comfortable list of schools  If needed…write a recommendation

12 Finding a good match  Junior meetings with counselor  Decide on criteria—size, location, cost, major  Attend college representative visits at Creekview  Campus visits - size, location, major  Probe Fairs  GACollege411 Online college searches/comparisons  Want to start early? Dual Enrollment

13 Understanding the entrance requirements  Subject patterns (course rigor)  GPA & Class rank  Test scores*  Applications and essays  Activities  Recommendations  Auditions and Portfolios *Students must request test scores be sent directly from ACT & College Board (SAT, AP)

14  NovemberGet information from Counselors during class advisement week  2 nd SemesterStart College Visits & Research  February—June Take the ACT and /or SAT  All YearWork on Grades  SummerContinue research & visits

15  August– September→Complete Research—List of schools to which you plan to apply  September – November →Complete Applications  November – February →Apply for financial aid and search for scholarships  March – May →Final decisions made  May 1→Notify your school of your decision and request final transcript

16  Apply to some “ stretch” schools… - schools one would like to attend, but may not fully meet admissions criteria  Apply to some “within reach” schools… - schools where GPA, test scores and activities are very similar to published guidelines  Apply to some “safety” schools… - schools that have open admission or where GPA and Test scores exceed guidelines

17  For students seeking certification in a technical field  Chattahoochee Tech now open in Canton  For students seeking 2 year Associate degree  Credits transfer to 4 year colleges  Local Examples—GA Perimeter College; Georgia Highlands Technical CollegesCommunity Colleges

18  Year established: 1785  Undergrad enrollment: 26,142 students  Application fee: $60  Tuition, fees, housing, meals= approx. $20,820  Year established: 1885  Undergrad enrollment: 14,527 students  Application fee: $65  Tuition, fees, housing, meals= approx. $22,254

19  Applications Received: 18,954  Applicants Admitted: 10,454  Freshmen Enrolled: 4,950  Mid 50% GPA: 3.73—4.03  Mid 50% SAT Critical Read, Math, & Write: 1790-2040  Mid 50% ACT Composite: 27--31  Applications Received: 14,731  Applicants Admitted: 8,036  Freshmen Enrolled: 2,650  Mid 50% GPA: 3.77—4.08  Mid 50% SAT Crit Read, Math & Write: 1960-2160  Mid 50% ACT Composite: 28--32

20 Some smaller in size Entrance Criteria less competitive Many students from Atlanta Metro area

21  Selectivity differs from state to state, with the Universities of Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, and Florida among the Most Competitive for out-of-state students.  Be aware of specific program requirements  School environment varies greatly from campus to campus  Degree Completion Contracts  Cost range $25,000 - $46,000 per year  Academic Common Market

22 ~ Cost range$24,000 - $59,000 ► Chance for financial assistance ~ Admissions criteria:  High school coursework  Grades in courses  Involvement/Activities or Job/Work  Test Scores  Essay/Personal Statement Upward trend in coursework important… most schools evaluate based on the “whole” person

23 I.Gift Aid  Scholarships  Grants II. Self-help Aid  Loans  Student Work-study Programs

24  Federal Grants, Loans, Work-study  StateHope Scholarship Hope Grant  CollegeGrants, Institutional loans, Scholarships

25 F ree A pplication for F ederal S tudent A id

26 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (January 1 – March 1) Needs Analysis Center (crunch numbers) Student Aid Report (EFC – Expected Family Contribution) Award Letter (from each college, after acceptance)

27  Loans  Work study  Grants  Scholarships

28  The FAFSA can be completed online at → turnaround time is 72 hours!  Before starting the FAFSA, register for a PIN on the same website.  FAFSA on the Web Worksheet ∙ Pre-application available online in November and December (NOT to be submitted to FAFSA)

29 Georgia Student Finance Corporation Free Application for Federal Student Aid Reputable college scholarship search sites : Student Services Website  Private scholarships  Local scholarships  Any agency that charges a fee to help students find scholarships is suspect and possibly a SCAM!

30 Tuesday, December 4 Financial Aid Planning Seminar Creekview High School Theater 7:00pm Sponsored by: Georgia Student Finance Corporation

31  Review requirements for eligibility at NCAA—  After Junior year, register with the NCAA Eligibility Center if you are being recruited (For Division I & Division II schools only).  Communicate with coach, counselor, and school’s admissions office.  NAIA—

32 Student Services Website Presentation Thank You for attending! Have a good evening !

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