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The Odyssey an Epic By: Homer.

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1 The Odyssey an Epic By: Homer

2 Characteristics of an Epic
An epic is a long narrative poem presenting characters of high importance; adventure story; journey of every human. It is written in an elevated speech that is centered around a hero that is somewhat divine in nature whose actions depend on the fate of a tribe, a nation, or the human race.

3 Characteristics of an Epic Poem (Continued)
The epic poem was first developed as an oral tradition that was later written down. The poem normally begins in medias res, in the middle of the action. Themes and Values: honor and the power of fate, or destiny. Supernatural elements: Gods, Goddesses, and magical creatures.

4 Characteristics of an Epic
Setting is vast, covering many places. Opens by stating the theme. Contains lists of warriors, ships, armies Supernatural forces at work- gods or demons. Action consists of great deeds of valor and sometimes requiring super-human strength and courage.

5 Epic Hero Cycle Hero often possesses supernatural abilities or qualities. Hero is charged with a quest (mission) Hero is tested to prove his worthiness He is aided by mythical beings, magical and helpful animals, human helpers, and companions may appear.

6 Epic Hero Cycle (Continued)
The hero’s travels may take him to a supernatural world. The journey reaches a low point where the hero nearly gives up. There is a resurrection. ( Rebirth or restoration) Resurrection is paid. (Often results in the hero regaining his rightful place in society.

7 Epic Hero Characteristics
Take Control Responsibility Understanding Persuasive Intelligent Courage Talent in an area (battle) Stamina/ endurance Strength- emotional and physical Has favor of a god/gods Super-human qualities

8 Literary Terms to Know Epic Simile Homeric Simile Epic Character Irony
Foreshadowing Repetition Personification Imagery Conflict Tone Metaphor Simile Climax Diction Rhythm Allusion Symbol Hyperbole Epithet

9 Myths and Mythology Myth: An anonymous story having roots in the beliefs of a race or nation and preserving supernatural events (episodes). Mythology: All center at common themes. Study of myths- attempt to explain creation, guess at the meaning of life and death, account for natural phenomena, and chronicle the adventures of heroes.

10 Cultural Values of the Greek Society
Honor Courage Intelligence Cleverness Revenge Respect for the gods Loyalty to home and family Hospitality/ gift giving

11 Who is Homer? Homer is a blind Greek poet who was thought to have lived roughly around 700 BC. Lived on a rocky Greek Island, Chios He sang or spoke these stories to an audience. He wrote two epic poems The Iliad and The Odyssey.

12 The Iliad Major Characters: Other Important Info. Achilles Odysseus
Agamemnon Helen Hector Paris Epic Trojan War Trojan Horse Athena Apollo Poseidon Troy

13 The Odyssey The Odyssey is about the wanderings of Odysseus, a Greek hero and leader of Ithaca. The Story is a sequel to the former epic The Iliad.

14 What is an Odyssey? An odyssey is a long wandering voyage- usually marked by many changes of fortune. It is an intellectual or spiritual wandering.

15 The Odyssey The story begins in Troy. Odysseus has just fought in the Trojan War and is on a journey home. His journey leads him to many adventures with sea monsters, a cyclops, lotus eaters, and Calypso.

16 The Odyssey After twenty years of Odysseus’ adventures, he finds himself trapped on an island with a nymph, Calypso, who refuses to allow Odysseus to return home. Meanwhile, in Ithaca, suitors are trying to win the heart of Penelope, Odysseus’ wife.

17 The Odyssey Odysseus’ son Telemacus believes that his father is still alive, and aided by the goddess Athena, he sets out on a journey to find his father.

18 Who is Odysseus? Odysseus is one of the first Greek heroes’ that is known for his brain power and outstanding athletic abilities. Odysseus is known to hesitate before acting which shows his reason and gift to evaluate things. Odysseus is a cunning deceiver and valiant warrior.

19 Who are the important Players?
Zeus Penelope Poseidon Telemachus Hades Odysseus Athena Medusa Hera Aphrodite Circe Calypso

20 Zeus A god of all gods God of Rain and thunder

21 Poseidon God of the sea Brother of Zeus

22 Hades God of the Underworld Brother of Zeus

23 Athena Goddess of War and Wisdom

24 Medusa A woman who was cursed by Athena that who ever she looks upon is turned to stone and her hair is made up of deadly snakes.

25 Hera Queen of the gods Wife of Zeus

26 Aphrodite Goddess of Love and beauty

27 Circe Daughter of the sun
Sorceress who was best known for turning men into animals with her magic wand.

28 Calypso A nymth who keeps Odysseus a captive on the island of Ogygia. She promises him love and immortality.

29 Penelope Queen of Ithaca Wife of Odysseus

30 Odysseus King of Ithaca Greek Hero

31 Telemahcus Prince of Ithaca Son of Odysseus

32 Ticket Out the Door On your own paper, write 3 characteristics of an epic and 3 characteristics of an epic hero. You must turn this in before you can leave.

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