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Julius Caesar Act Iv-V.

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1 Julius Caesar Act Iv-V

2 1-Act IV, Scene i-ii 1. proscribe 2
1-Act IV, Scene i-ii proscribe covert 2-Act IV, Scene iii (1st half) corruption rash 3- Act IV, Scene iii (2nd half) apparition nimbleness Julius Caesar Act IV-V

3 4-Act V, Scene i (1st half) 7. exigent 8
4-Act V, Scene i (1st half) exigent billow 5-Act V, Scene ii-iii demeanor misconstrue 6-Act V, Scene iv-v vessel virtue Julius Caesar Act IV-V

4 ADJ acting too hastily or without due consideration — synonyms: audacious, reckless ANTONYMS: thoughtful, careful rash

5 N a hollow or concave utensil, as a cup, bowl, pitcher, used for holding liquids or other contents __ synonym: vat, pot vessel

6 n. a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, especially a ghost — synonym: specter ANTONYM: being apparition

7 V to announce the name of (a person) condemned to death and subject to confiscation of property __ synonym: sentence antonym: welcome proscribe

8 ADJ urgent; pressing __ synonym: critical, crucial antonym: usual, ordinary

9 N conduct; behavior; manner __ synonym: bearing, disposition

10 N moral excellence; goodness; righteousness
N moral excellence; goodness; righteousness. — synonyms: integrity antonyms: dishonor virtue

11 ADJ concealed; secret; disguised __ synonyms: clandestine
ADJ concealed; secret; disguised __ synonyms: clandestine. incognito antonyms: candid, honest covert

12 v to swell out, puff up, etc
v to swell out, puff up, etc., __ synonyms: to inflate, to surge antonyms: to shrink, to tighten billow

13 N ability to be quick and light in movement; moving with ease; __ synonym: agility, activity antonym: clumsiness, ineptness nimbleness

14 V to misunderstand the meaning of; take in a wrong sense; misinterpret __ synonym: misjudge, misread antonym: understand, discern misconstrue

15 N moral perversion; depravity __ synonym: delinquency, misconduct ANTONYM purity, honesty

16 1. Cassius’s battle plan allowed a ________ for his troops, they could move about easily and keep their foes off guard. 2. In a _________ maneuver, Brutus and Cassius led their armies to Philippi to battle Antony and Octavius The __________ of Caesar appeared to Brutus several times Soldiers on horseback led their armies into war with their flags ___________ in the wind Casca’s ____________ was shifty, deceitful and suspect. 6. Brutus accuses Cassius of engaging in _________ by accepting bribes. Sentences

17 7. Brutus was an honorable man, a man of many _________. 8
7. Brutus was an honorable man, a man of many _________ Lucius brought a ________ of wine for Brutus and Cassius After his speech, Antony received notification of Brutus’s and Cassius’s __________ departure from Rome Cassius claims that the messenger must have _________ the message sent to Brutus regarding his request for gold In a _______ decision, Brutus requested that Cassius join his forces against Octavius After the death of Caesar, the triumvirate _________ a list of Rome’s politicians to be assassinated. Sentences

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