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Julius Caesar Review Questions

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1 Julius Caesar Review Questions
English II-Kuczek-GHS-2013

2 Act I Scene i 1. Give two reasons that Flavius scolds the citizens.
2. List two words or phrases Murellus uses to describe the crowd of working people. 3. Murellus reminds the crowd that not long ago they had cheered _______. Now they cheer _______ who defeated Pompey's sons. 4. What two things does Flavius suggest that he and Murellus do to stop the celebration? 5. Flavius uses a comparison to explain what must be done about Caesar. He says, "If we can pluck these growing feathers out of Caesar's wing, we can force him to fly lower." a. What are Caesar's feathers"? b. What do you think Flavius wants to do about Caesar? 6. There are conflicting views of Caesar in Scene i. The common people see him as a _____. Murellus and Flavius consider Caesar a _____.

3 Act I Scene ii 1. The Fortuneteller warns Caesar to "beware the ides of March." a. What do you think this means? b. How does Caesar react to the warning? 2. What reasons does Brutus give for being harsh and distant lately? 3. Cassius tells Brutus that many men wish that "noble Brutus had eyes in his head." What does Cassius insist that Brutus cannot see? 4. What does Brutus fear when he hears the crowd shouting? 5. Cassius says, "What a shame for this age we live in!" What does he mean by this exclamation? 6. Caesar is suspicious of Cassius. List four qualities in Cassius that Caesar does not like. 7. Casca believes that Caesar's behavior in the arena is a set-up to fool the people. Complete the sentences below that describe Caesar's actions when he is offered the crown. First, Caesar ______ the crown ____ times. Caesar offers to let the crowd _______. Then he _____ to the ground. During this time, the crowd ______ and ______ him as they do for ________. 8. How does Cassius plan to get Brutus to join the plot against Caesar?

4 Act I Scene iii 1. Casca reports that he has seen many unnatural wonders this night. Note four unusual happenings that he has observed. Be sure the tag the location of each phrase. 2. According to Cassius, what is the real cause of these unnatural events? 3. What does Cassius threaten to do if Caesar is made king? 4. Cassius complains that Caesar would not be a _____ or a _____ if Romans did not act like ____ or ____. What do you think Cassius means by this statement? 5. Explain why Casca wants Brutus to join the conspiracy.

5 Act II Scene i 1. In a soliloquy (a speech to himself), Brutus states his doubts. Which of the following does Brutus consider good reasons for killing Caesar? You may select more than one answer. a. Caesar had once wronged Antony. b. Caesar is too emotional and flighty. c. Caesar's power may make him a dishonest ruler. d. Caesar will become king. 2. What is written in the letters that Lucius finds on Brutus' windowsill? 3. What reason does Brutus give for not swearing an oath of secrecy? 4. Cicero, an old and honored man, was once Rome's greatest orator. Why does Brutus object to including Cicero in the conspiracy? 5. Cassius suggests that Antony should also be killed. Why does Brutus oppose this idea? 6. How will Decius persuade Caesar to go to the Capitol? 7. When Portia asks Brutus what has been bothering him lately, what is his reply? Does Portia believe him? Explain.

6 Act II Scene ii 1. Several strange events from the night before frightened Calphurnia. List four of them. Record the line for each incident next to it. 2. What reason does Caesar give for not being afraid of death? 3. Why do the fortune-tellers advise Caesar to stay at home? 4. What message does Caesar tell Decius to give the senators? 5. According to Decius, what is the real meaning of Calphurnia's dream?

7 Act II Scene iii 1. List the eight people Artemidorus names as conspirators. 2. How does Artemidorus hope to deliver his message to Caesar?

8 Act II Scene iv 1. Write Portia's words that show Brutus has told her his secrets. 2. What information does Portia ask Lucius to bring from the Capitol? 3. What does Portia blame for her weakness?

9 Act III Scene i 1. Caesar receives two warnings as he walks to the Capitol. Identify who warns Caesar and summarize what each person says. 2. What does Caesar's refusal to pardon Metellus' brother show about Caesar? 3. Write Caesar's dying words: 4. Brutus thinks the conspirators did Caesar a favor by killing Caesar because (write the reason) 5. Brutus and Cassius disagree about explaining their actions to Antony. Summarize their positions on telling Antony why they killed Caesar. 6. Antony makes three requests of Brutus and Cassius. List his requests with a tag so that you can refer to the information later. 7. Antony warns that Caesar's murder will cause terrible events to happen. List three of his warnings with a tag for future reference. 8. How does Antony plan to discover the people's reaction to Caesar's death?

10 Act III Scene ii 1. What reason does Brutus give the crowd for killing Caesar? 2. After listening to Brutus' speech, the crowd wants to . . . 3. Antony names three of Caesar's actions that prove Caesar wasn't ambitious. List these actions and tag the lines. 4. After listening to Antony, the crowd calls the conspirators _______, _______, and _______. 5. In his will, Caesar leaves each citizen ______. And to all of Rome, Caesar leaves ________. 6. Antony's servant brings news that Octavius _____and that Brutus and Cassius have ________.

11 Act III Scene iii 1. The mob attacks Cinna simply because of his name. What does this action tell you about the mob?

12 Act IV Scene i 1. Which relatives of the three leaders are among the proscribed (condemned to death) people? 2. How does Antony want to change Caesar's will and why? 3. Antony and Octavius have different opinions of Lepidus. Summarize their views. 4. What does Octavius mean when he says, "We are chained to the stake"?

13 Act IV Scene ii 1. Brutus refers to Cassius as a "hot friend cooling." What does Brutus mean? 2. Why do Cassius and Brutus go inside Brutus' tent to talk?

14 Act IV Scene iii 1. Cassius says Brutus has wronged him by ______. 2. Of what does Brutus accuse Cassius? 3. Cassius says he is "weary of living." What does Cassius ask Brutus to do? 4. How do Brutus and Cassius react to the news of Portia's death? 5. Brutus wants to march to Philippi to attack Antony and Octavius. But Cassius believes that the journey would tire the soldiers and use up their supplies. Circle three arguments that Brutus uses to persuade Cassius. a. The people of Sardis will not help the armies of Brutus and Cassius. b. Antony and Octavius will use the people of Sardis to strengthen their troops. c. Antony and Octavius are afraid to fight so they will not come to Sardis. d. Cassius and Brutus should take action now before the enemy increases its ranks. e. Cassius and Brutus would lose many soldiers on the journey to Philippi. 6. What message does the ghost of Caesar give Brutus?

15 Act V Scene i 1. How does Antony know what Brutus and Cassius are planning? 2. What does Antony say is the conspirators' reason for challenging him and Octavius at Philippi? 3. List two signs that show Antony and Octavius are not getting along. Tag the lines on which you base your answers. 4. What does Cassius mean when he says, "Now, Brutus, you have only ourself to thank"? 5. Octavius draws his sword against the conspirators and vows not to sheathe it again until _______. 6. What sign makes Cassius fear the coming battle? 7. What do Cassius and Brutus agree to do if they lose the battle? Why?

16 Act V Scene ii 1. Why does Brutus order an attack at this time?

17 Act V Scene iii 1. Cassius says, "I have become the enemy of my own soldiers." What does he mean? 2. Why does Cassius send Titinius to the battlefield? 3. What does Cassius believe happens to Titinius? 4. How does Pindarus, a prisoner, earn his freedom? 5. According to Titinius, what caused Cassius' death? 6. Why does Titinius take his own life? 7. Why does Brutus refer to Cassius and Titinius as the "last of all the Romans"?

18 Act V Scene iv 1. Circle the reason Lucilius pretends to be Brutus:
a. to steal the honor of victory from Brutus b. to give Brutus a chance to recover from the battle c. to take for himself any punishment that would be given to Brutus  2. How does Antony order that his captive Lucilius should be treated? Why?

19 Act V Scene v 1. What does Brutus ask Clitus, Dardanius, and Volumnius to do? How does each respond? 2. How does Brutus die? 3. What are Brutus' dying words? 4. Why does Octavius invite all of Brutus' soldiers to join his own men? 5. In what way does Antony honor Brutus? 6. How does Octavius show respect for Brutus?

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