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The draft Strategy for Sport and Physical Recreation, 2007-2017 Consultation: October 2007 – January 2008.

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1 The draft Strategy for Sport and Physical Recreation, 2007-2017 Consultation: October 2007 – January 2008

2 PURPOSE OF CONSULTATION Engage directly with stakeholders Listening to your views Deepen your understanding To enable you, as stakeholders, to respond to the relevance of the draft Strategy in terms of your work priorities and objectives now, and over the next ten years.

3 PURPOSE OF THE STRATEGY Determine the priorities for sport over the next 10 years Inform the direction of future investment in sport Ensure that there is a widespread and agreed direction for strategic development

4 BACKGROUND The approach adopted during the research, formulation and development stages of the draft Strategy for Sport and Physical Recreation has been premised on: Partnership working Evidence-inspired decision-making Responding to identified need Delivering tangible outcomes Empowering individuals, groups and communities Promoting good relations between all sections of our community

5 PROCESS OVERVIEW Initial consultation among key stakeholdersOct 2005 Literature review of other relevant strategiesOct 2005 Review of ‘The rationale for sport’Oct 2005 Review of ‘Strategy for the Development of Sport in Northern Ireland 1997-2005’ Nov 2005 Initial draft of strategy developedDec 2005 – Mar 2006 Stakeholder ‘testing’ sessionsApr 2006 Further strategy developmentMay – Oct 2006 Internal consultations (SNI & DCAL)Sep-Oct 2006 Government Department consultationOct 2006 – Aug 2007 (*) Draft Strategy published and final consultation launched by Minister for Sport October 2007 Consultation runs until9 th January 2008

6 FORMAT OF THE STRATEGY The format of the document seeks to reflect what was suggested in the early consultations:  Proposed strategic direction for sport placed ‘up front’ in the draft, Chaps 1-8 (includes Vision, targets, key steps for success, costs and implementation structure)  Justification of this direction placed in appendices at the back of the draft (includes importance of sport, contextual issues, development models etc) Do you agree with this proposed format?

7 THE VISION “…a culture of lifelong enjoyment and success in sport...” Reflects the hopes and aspirations of articulated by consultees Do you agree that this proposed Vision adequately reflects your aspirations for sport in NI?

8 GOVERNMENT’S COMMITMENT Government has explicitly stated its commitment to sport and physical recreation. Government commitment recognises … The value of sport – intrinsic and extrinsic Community benefits associated with sport and physical recreation The need for and value of sporting success The importance of high level input to implementation

9 GOVERNMENT’S COMMITMENT Do you agree that Government should commit to take action to develop sport and physical recreation? If yes, do you believe that all of the proposed Government commitments will help in achieving your aspirations for sport and physical recreation in Northern Ireland?

10 OUTCOME FOCUSSED TARGETS Participation (11) Performance (7) Places (6)

11 UPDATING LANGUAGE PREVIOUS STRATEGY: introduced a development framework for sport: Starting Well Staying Involved Striving for Excellence CURRENT DRAFT STRATEGY: Acknowledging recent developments around LTAD and building on the legacy of the previous framework, new conceptual framework proposed: Physical literacy Lifelong physical activity Performance Sport ParticipationPerformancePlaces

12 HIGH LEVEL TARGETS Participation Performance Places Physical literacy Lifelong Physical Activity Performance Sport

13 Research framework Participation rates among specified groups lAll adults lC&YP lDisability lWomen Sport, PE, C&YP Economic impact Shared Future TARGETS AND PRIORITIES Athlete performance Fit for purpose NGBs Coaching systems and support services 2014 CWG medalshare Access to quality spaces for sport Planning legislation Outdoor recreation National Parks Olympic & Paralympic facilities Multi Sports Stadium ParticipationPerformancePlaces HIGH LEVEL TARGETS

14 DELIVERY THEMES The High Level Targets are grouped by acknowledged problems, needs and failures. Reflect recent developments in thinking around ‘Long Term Athlete Development’ models ‘Key Steps to Success’ are grouped into four key themes: lOPPORTUNITIES lORGANISATIONS lWORKFORCE lPLACES ParticipationPerformancePlaces

15 WHAT WILL SUCCESS LOOK LIKE Purpose – to bring the strategy to life lHEALTH OUTCOMES lEDUCATION OUTCOMES lPERFORMANCE OUTCOMES lSOCIETAL OUTCOMES “…a culture of lifelong enjoyment and success in sport…” ParticipationPerformancePlaces

16 IMPLEMENTING THE STRATEGY What? Political commitment High level ownership Accountability Partnership SMG / SIG Who? Strategy Monitoring Group Strategy Implementation Groups Participation Performance Sport Places for Sport ParticipationPerformancePlaces

17 THE COST OF DELIVERY ParticipationPerformancePlaces £657m over the next ten years Investments from: lPublic sector lPrivate sector lThe ‘Third’ sector – community/voluntary Significant increases in level of investment …delivering significant additional benefits


19 CONCLUDING REMARKS WORKSHOPS Consultation process runs until 9 th January 2008 Responses published via website DCAL/SNI to consider responses Final Strategy launched Spring 2008

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