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Directors/Managers Qtrly Meeting August 2, 2013

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1 Directors/Managers Qtrly Meeting August 2, 2013

2 Agenda ERP Project Status Update easyPay Update ERP Update
easyPay Progress Data Collection Effort Unit Testing Update Timeclocks easyPay Timekeeping System Go-Live Dates Sneak Peeks & Training for Supervisors Questions for You ERP Update

3 Project Status Update 8/2/2013

4 Project Progress ePay Statement Launches July 26 rapid! Paycard
May 2013 rapid! Paycard Launch Complete July 2013 PRESENT Timekeeping System Underway 8/2/2013

5 Data Collection Effort
Reports and instructions sent to Directors for validation If you have data related questions, please contact Allen Wilson, Labor Relations Manager, Office: , or Rebecca Robertson, validated files to Hugo Carvajal in ETS by 8/7. 8/2/2013

6 Unit Testing Update Integration testing will start August 7 to confirm the interfaces running from Kronos to Cyborg and from Midas to Kronos. Testing will start August 27 with core team in GC 311 30 test scripts have been written to test the pay and work rules for the system. 8/2/2013

7 Time Clock Terminals 180 Clocks have been ordered.
Clocks will be located at key entry points at GC East, GC West and other County locations. 8/2/2013

8 Timekeeping System Go-Live Dates
Phase Module Number of Employees Parallel Go-Live using old and new systems Paid using old system. Practice and validation using new system. Paid using new system Owner I Workforce Timekeeper 1,200 1/19/2014 for two pay periods (1/19 to 2/1 with check date of 2/7) and (2/2 to 2/15 with check date of 2/21) 3/2/2014 Kronos – full support II Workforce Timekeeper – (with Grant Tracking) 1000 3/16/2014 for one pay period with check date of 4/4 4/13/2014 III 1,500 4/27/2014 for one pay period with a check date of 5/16/14 5/25/2014 Please note 5/26 is Memorial Day Holiday Broward Kronos to provide limited support IV 6/8/2014 for one pay period with a check date of 6/27/14 7/6/2014 Kronos to provide limited support  V 1,500  7/20/2014 for one pay period with a check date of 8/8/14 8/17/2014 Kronos to provide limited support 8/2/2013

9 Access to important employee information… anytime, anywhere.

10 Sneak Peeks for Managers & Supervisors
“When can we see what it looks like?” Sneak Peek planning is underway See the actual system Learn your role and responsibilities Experience the possibilities! Invitations will be sent

11 What about Manager Training?
“How will I learn all this?” Nina Moore, Rita McManus, Matt Constantine & Phyllis King Your easyPay Training Coaches And Payroll Liaisons

12 What about Manager Training?
Foundations End-user Tasks (online) KPass Manager Tasks (online) Live Class Manager Tasks All Supervisors, Managers & Payroll Liaisons 8/2/2013

13 Questions for You Are your PACERS updating you about the project?
Do you want a speaker to come to your agency to present a short presentation? Do you know anything about your role going forward? Are you reviewing the easyPay website?

14 ERP Update Organizing the fact finding information based upon RLI responses, demos, clarification questions and site visits Two site visits completed Last two site visits scheduled in August SC Meeting Sept 11 Board Workshop Sept 17 Board Meeting Sept 24 8/2/2013

15 THANK YOU. 8/2/2013

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