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A Top 100 Law Agency Workers Regulations 2010.

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1 A Top 100 Law Agency Workers Regulations 2010

2 DMH Stallard LLP Introduction 1.3 million agency workers in UK Agency Workers Directive 2008/104/EC Due to come into force in UK on 1 October 2011 Guidance issued by BIS Guidance issued by DfE

3 DMH Stallard LLP Overview of the Regulations What will they get?: –same basic working and employment conditions, –equal access to facilities and permanent employment, –improved access to some facilities between assignments Non-compliance Penalties

4 DMH Stallard LLP Part 1: Definitions Agency Worker Temporary Work Agency Hirer

5 DMH Stallard LLP “Agency Worker” “An individual: –supplied by a temporary work agency to work temporarily for and under the supervision and direction of a hirer; and

6 DMH Stallard LLP “Agency Worker” (continued) - has a contract with the temporary work agency which is: (i) a contract of employment with the agency; or (ii) any other contract to perform work and services personally for the agency

7 DMH Stallard LLP “Temporary Work Agency” “A person engaged in the economic activity, public or private, whether or not operating for profit, and whether or not carrying on such activity in conjunction with others, of: (a) supplying individuals to work temporarily for and under the supervision and direction of hirers; or (b) paying for, or receiving or forwarding payment for, the services of individuals who are supplied to work temporarily for and under the supervision and direction of hirers."

8 DMH Stallard LLP “Hirer” (1) “A person engaged in economic activity, public or private, whether or not operating for profit, to whom individuals are supplied, to work temporarily for and under the supervision and direction of that person”

9 DMH Stallard LLP “Hirer” (2) Maintained Schools Academies Independent Schools

10 DMH Stallard LLP Part 2: Rights Same basic working and employment conditions as if they had been recruited directly into the same job as a permanent employee

11 DMH Stallard LLP Qualifying Period 12 continuous calendar weeks Includes any part of week Same role with same hirer ‘substantially different’ role –change to duties –not simply switching roles in same context –further guidance

12 DMH Stallard LLP Entitlement to rights Once met 12 weeks qualification then entitled to rights from then on Runs as long as worker in same role Includes any return to role within permitted time (e.g. allowed breaks)

13 DMH Stallard LLP Breaks (1) 6 weeks break or more = stops time running less than 6 weeks break = time starts from last week clocked

14 DMH Stallard LLP Breaks (2) Not counted as ‘breaking’ time: –sickness absence up to 28 weeks –statutory or contractual time off (annual leave) –jury service up to 28 weeks –strikes/lock down –temporary cessation of work (e.g. summer holidays) Statutory or contractual reasons (maternity etc)

15 DMH Stallard LLP Assignment structure Anti avoidance provision If worker would have qualified but for: –use of different agencies or –use of different roles AND Intention to avoid regulations Award of up to £5,000

16 DMH Stallard LLP Relevant Terms and Conditions basic pay, contractual payments duration of working time, night work rest periods/ breaks and annual leave

17 DMH Stallard LLP Pay “any sums payable to a worker of the hirer in connection with the worker's employment, including any fee, bonus, commission, holiday pay or other emolument referable to the employment, whether payable under contract or otherwise but excluding any payments or rewards”

18 DMH Stallard LLP What is included in Pay? holiday pay paid bank holidays overtime rates shift allowances unsocial hours premium bonuses related to performance

19 DMH Stallard LLP Not included in Pay Sick pay Pension Maternity, paternity, adoption leave pay redundancy pay share/option schemes advances/loans/expenses guarantee payments

20 DMH Stallard LLP Teacher’s Pay Nature of role not qualifications of agency worker “Specified Work” School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document Holiday Pay

21 DMH Stallard LLP Comparator Identify real comparator Employees Current employees only Comparator must be: –doing broadly similar work –in same organisation or –different organisation but satisfies other requirements

22 DMH Stallard LLP Rights of access: Collective facilities and amenities Includes: –canteen, child care facilities, transport services No less favourably than comparable worker During duration of assignment (from day 1) Hirer responsible for any breach Further guidance to be issued

23 DMH Stallard LLP Right to access to employment Right to be informed of relevant vacant posts Objective to find permanent employment with hirer During duration of assignment (from day 1) General announcements/notices

24 DMH Stallard LLP Part 3: Liability, Protections and Remedies Agency liable for breaches: –of providing same basic rights –unless taken “reasonable steps” Hirer liable for breaches: –of access to facilities –of providing vacancies information

25 DMH Stallard LLP Unfair dismissal If employee: –automatic unfair dismissal if connected to exercising rights All have right not to be subjected to detriment Claim can be brought against hirer or agency

26 DMH Stallard LLP Claims to Tribunal Time limit –3 months from breach Extension of time Remedies –declaration –compensation –recommendation

27 DMH Stallard LLP Compensation 2 weeks+ pay Contributory fault reduction Split between respondents Increase if recommendations ignored £5,000 fine for avoidance

28 DMH Stallard LLP Practical Points (1) Do you know the make-up of your temporary workforce? Do you tend to use agency workers for 12 weeks or more? Do you currently allow agency workers to use on-site facilities? Do you currently advertise all vacancies to your agency workers? Have you considered the cost implications of the need to equalise basic pay, working hours, break times etc?

29 DMH Stallard LLP Practical Points (2) No need to equalise redundancy pay or sick pay no way of knowing if agency worker will complete 12 week qualification period: - provide all rights from Day 1? - system in place to record 12 weeks? - convert all agency staff to employees? what information should you provide the agency with?

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