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Update on Voluntary Registration for Genetic Technologists GT study day 27 th October 2010.

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1 Update on Voluntary Registration for Genetic Technologists GT study day 27 th October 2010

2 Brief History Voluntary Registration Council was born in 2004 7 constituent groups Register opened 2006 ~ 250 registrants so far (total) ~170 Genetic Technologists (~70%) Aim of VRC is to act as a vehicle to enable groups to prepare for statutory regulation with HPC

3 Health Professions Council Independent, UK-wide regulatory body Set up to protect the public Keep a register of health professionals who meet standards for their training, professional skills, behaviour and health.registerstandards

4 Professional Regulation “Regulation via registration is extremely important as a tool for ensuring that the public receive excellent services provided by professionals who are held accountable for their actions. In this way the sole aim of any registration process is to provide protection for the public”

5 Associated Genetic Technologists Committee Group of Genetic Technologists from Molecular and Cytogenetics that represent Genetic Technologists at VRC and many other areas Point of contact/information for any queries relating to registration Supported & advised by ACC & CMGS –Association of Clinical Cytogenetics –Clinical Molecular Genetics Society

6 Associated Genetic Technologists Committee Other areas that AGTC represent Genetic Technologists –Genetics Education & Training Board –Executive committees of both professional bodies –National Quality Assurance Advisory Panel (NQAAP) –Curriculum Advisory Group (MSC)

7 We need you! Vacancies Person spec: Dynamic, hard-working individuals who are able to contribute fully Requires commitment Full support of your HoL VRC registered & ACC member

8 V4 of guidance notes due soon…. Additional Guidance for Genetic Technologists with a Certificate of Competence Gained Through the NTP. Please note that genetic technologists who have successfully completed the National Training Programme will not need to submit a written report, section 6 of the VRC application. They will, instead, need to send their Certificate of Competence along with their application UNDER REVIEW

9 V4 of guidance notes due soon…. Ensure you use the most up to date version of the guidance notes available on the website when filling in your application For more information please contact the AGTC Registrar at

10 Update on move from voluntary to statutory registration Progress is being made DH looking at regulation pathways for Healthcare Scientists and Practioners exiting from MSC training Looking at all voluntary registers at the same time

11 VRC CPD audit October 2010 2.5 – 5% of registrants will be audited each year Contacted individually around re-registration time with full details 3 parts –a summary of your practice history for the last two years (up to 500 words); –a statement of how you have met our standards of CPD (up to 1500 words) –Supporting evidence

12 Professional body membership GT survey carried out summer 2009 19.2% of GTs in post were a member of a Professional body. “The Council will assess applications for evidence that there is at least one established professional body. The Council will assess the application for evidence that membership of the body or bodies accounts for a significant proportion of the occupation’s practitioners.” NOT a significant proportion!

13 Professional body membership **You do not have to be registered to join a Professional body** Protect its members and represent their interests Advance laboratory genetics through : »Training (responsible for setting up the NTP) »professional standards and protocols »Meetings (like this one) »Further public awareness of genetics

14 Why join a professional organisation? Shows you are a professional individual Access to a wealth of information relating to genetics at the professional body websites Participation at the Spring Meeting – Durham 2011 –Reduced rates Participation in study days e.g. GT study day 27 th October Access to travel awards for attending foreign conferences Ability to contribute and represent GTs on important issues at a national level – if interested

15 Website/email

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