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1 Worms

2 What do we know about worms?

3 What do we want to find out about worms?

4 There are many of different types of worm in the world.
Can you think of any types of worm?

5 We are going to learn about Earthworms
Hey guys! My name is Eddie the Earthworm.

6 Earthworms Here are my friends.

7 Where do Earthworms live?
Earthworms live underground in moist soil. They create tunnels in the soil and wiggle in and out of them. These tunnels help plants to get water and air. My skin is slimy because of the moist soil I live in.

8 Quiz Where do Earthworms live? In the sky In moist soil underground In trees

9 How do Earthworms breathe?
All humans and animals need oxygen to breathe. Earthworms do not have noses. They breathe in oxygen through their skin. Worms get their oxygen from the damp soil. If the soil is too dry or too wet the worms cannot breathe the oxygen and will die.

10 When it rains heavily and the soil becomes too wet, Earthworms wiggle to the surface of the soil.
But Earthworms cannot stay in the sunlight for too long because it can make them become paralysed.

11 Quiz How do Earthworms breathe? They don’t breathe Through their nose Through their skin

12 What do Earthworms eat? Earthworms eat dirt, leaves and dead grass. They also eat plants, fruits and vegetables. Earthworms are herbivores – this means they do not eat meat.

13 Quiz What do Earthworms eat? Meat and fish Insects Fruits, vegetables, plants, dirt, grass and leaves.

14 We are going to make a house for worms. This is called a wormery.
Activity We are going to make a house for worms. This is called a wormery. What do you think we will need? Here’s a clue! Where do I live? What do I eat?

15 We will need: A large plastic bottle Sand Compost Gravel Dead leaves
Newspaper A plant pot Black paper Felt tip pen Hold on guys! What have we forgotten?!

16 Earthworms! The most important part of our wormery will be…
Let’s go and look for Earthworms! Please be gentle with us! Remember to wash your hands after being outside!

17 What do Earthworms look like?
Earthworms do not have eyes, ears or noses. This means they cannot see, hear or smell. However they do have mouths so they can taste, and skin so they can feel. They also have tiny hairs on their bodies called Setae which help them to feel.

18 Earthworms do not have legs
Earthworms do not have legs. Instead, they have lots of little rings on their bodies called Segments. They move around by moving the Segments. Earthworms also have one large ring on their bodies. This is called a Clitellum, and is where the baby worms live before they are born.

19 Clitellum Tail

20 Clitellum Setae Tail Mouth Segment
With the help of the words above, name my body parts!

21 Activity We are going to collect some Earthworms and see if we can find the parts of their bodies that we have learned about. Please be gentle with us! Remember to wash your hands after being outside!

22 Try again!! Never mind, try again.

23 Well done!! Marvellous work!

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