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The North of England Health and Learning Disability Network. Wednesday November 14 2012.

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1 The North of England Health and Learning Disability Network. Wednesday November 14 2012

2 Mick O’ Gorman Chair of the SPARC charity A warm Welcome to Widnes.

3 Firstly.... The Housekeeping. Mobile Telephones: you know the score. Fire Regs: to your right, on your toes & out the door. Fags: strictly off premises please: parks + front area Food: its free but please note your table Number: its 1 or 2 Car Parking: 0.80 pence per car : please use honesty jar. Name tags: please note your Food Table number.[1 or 2] Please help the SPARC survey: return to Mick O’ Gorman. Our Chair for the day: Lisa Gregg-Herrett [Choice Support] Our main organiser is : Janet Cobb. Our sponsors : “Choice Support” and the “SPARC” charity. And thank you for coming: please enjoy.

4 How to improve the healthcare of people with Learning Disabilities? Dr. Lucien Engelen: Director of the Radboud Health Innovation Centre, Netherlands. How building Social Networks and Re-Skilling people improves health care services. “The most valuable but under-used resource in healthcare are the patients themselves”. People as Producers & not simply Consumers of services: a creative relationship.

5 “Re-Skilling” or “De-Skilling” people with Learning Disabilities[LD]? Q: Can you realistically achieve social inclusion and good health if you cannot tie your shoe lace, or boil a kettle, cross a road to go to the local shop or catch a bus into town? SPARC is interested in Re-Skilling our members in the skills of “Social Resilience” including Health Skills. We believe that achieving good health care for people with LD is achieved by engaging people as Designers & Producers of services.

6 The Tyranny of Consensus and the need for Change in culture. Changing a passive health culture to embrace change. “Silence is NOT compliance “! For example: today we will explore how it is possible to make adjustments for people with Learning Disabilities to improve access healthcare. There is the relatively “easy” stuff: like increasing annual GP health checks, Easy Read materials for non-readers, longer appointments by GP surgeries, etc. And then the much harder work: changing a health culture and genuinely engaging families to encourage their ideas and experiences. The opportunity for change with the new CCG’s ? Communication: Learning to listen to ordinary people. A challenge......i.e.. repeat please: "Silk, Silk, Silk” x 3.

7 Our speakers today Sue Turner: The Improving Health and Lives Project Lead. Dr.Fiona Richards: Good primary health care for people with Learning Disabilities. Simon Banks: The role of the new Halton Clinical Commissioning Group[ CCG] Allyson Kent: Role of acute hospitals Dr.Ben Thomas: Role of Learning Disability Nursing Steven Rose: Individual Service Funds in action

8 And YOUR role today....IDEAS. We are asking today for your Best ideas please. We have some excellent speakers. BUT we also have YOU, our delegates. A very valuable human resource !! Under your bottom is your task for today. In March 2013, SPARC shall undertake a full structured survey of our 240 members. And In April 2013 we shall then inform our local CCG of the results of this survey.

9 Thank You And enjoy the rest of the day.

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