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Behaviour in Animals.

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1 Behaviour in Animals

2 Learning Intentions I know what the difference between innate and learned behaviour is I can describe examples of innate and learned behaviour

3 Behaviour Animal behaviour is determined by a combination of inherited characteristics, life experiences and the environment What do you think this means? Write down your ideas in your jotter

4 Innate vs Learned behaviour – copy this
Innate behaviour is when you already have a behaviour ‘built in’, from your genes. It’s instinctive. Learned behaviour is something that you develop from interacting with the world. You may be taught it.

5 Task Make a list of innate and learned behaviours in your jotter

6 Examples What follows next are a series of clips to illustrate examples of behaviour Makes notes as you watch each clip

7 Swarming swarming slideshow Swarming locusts

8 Huddling Penguin Huddling More penguins!

9 Migration Animal Migration African animal migration

10 Summary Write down 3 things you have learned today
Write down 2 key words that summarise today’s lesson Write down 1 aspect of the lesson you’d like to learn more about Hand in your jotter at the end of the lesson!

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