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Martin Bacon – Managing Director.

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1 @parachuteit Martin Bacon – Managing Director

2 Computing for Recruiting Is the forecast for Cloud?

3 AGENDA The Business Mindset Adopting the Concept What is The Cloud? Cloud vs Traditional The Risks What to Ask Summary 12345671234567

4 The Business Mindset IT is one of the fundamental tools that can determine how successful you can be Needs Board Level input – do not leave it to the Admin team Commercial decision – do not be misguided by Sales “bells and whistles”! Recommend a minimum 3 year strategy that will align to your business plan

5 Competitive Advantage & Productivity Internet Firewalls Security Servers Email User Support MS Office Data backup Mobile Devices Windows & Mac OS Your ‘edge’ Line of Business Apps Remote AccessAdministration Networks Infrastructure Support Adopting the Concept

6 What is The Cloud? In its simple form – Hosting of data and systems in a remote environment Not a new concept – model first adopted in mid-1990’s Number of models available – fixed per user, fixed per month, time based Key Services – Email, File Storage, Databases, Apps, Backup, Disaster Recovery Covers all licensing elements Accessible from remote locations and mobile devices

7 Cloud vs Traditional Operational Expense model Easier to budget Simpler method for scalability Mindset change – no longer in your offices Cloud isn’t always the best nor the cheapest – do a comparison TCO Spend time, don’t rush and compare all of your options

8 The Risks You don’t own these systems anymore Anyone can sell a Cloud platform Due diligence and references are key Check compliance requirements for you and your Clients Recruitment is a competitive market – your data is it’s lifeblood Beware of suppliers cutting corners, don’t take their word for it

9 What to ask Where will the systems be located? What resilience is place? Where is my data stored? Who has access to my data? Does the solution meet compliance requirements? What are the risks? What is the Service Level Agreement? Are there any additional costs? Is the service sub-contracted? What happens if the service provider is acquired or goes out of business? Read contracts carefully and consider legal advice. It’s the only opportunity you will get

10 - Board Level input is critical - Ensure the solution is scalable and flexible - Don’t take a Salesperson’s word for it - Ask every question possible – don’t rush - Protect yourself – things can go wrong - Make sure line of business apps work - Industry experience is a benefit Summary

11 Any Questions? @parachuteit

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