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Touch Judging. 1.Role of a touch judge 2.Signals 3.Positioning.

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1 Touch Judging

2 1.Role of a touch judge 2.Signals 3.Positioning

3 Role of a TJ Sole judge of: touch touch in goal kicks at goal (except when the TJs do not agree, referee will decide)

4 Role of a TJ In all other cases, the TJ may advise the referee who may or may not accept the advice offered. TJs can give advice on (amongst other things): dead ball decisions foul play, particularly off the ball incidents offside chasers on kicks in general play offside players in general play (usually given via communication system, otherwise advice given at an appropriate time, such as at a stoppage in play) ball steals knock ons forward passes tries

5 Signals Signals are required to indicate a decision by a TJ for the benefit of the crowd and referee. Where it is only advice offered to a referee, these signals are generally for the benefit of the referee and not the crowd. Where a communication system is used, TJs can for some offences offer advice to the referee using verbal input rather than signals.

6 Positioning Recommended positions are for guidance only Positioning is ultimately about being in the best position to make the right decision Consider why a particular position is adopted and if it should be adjusted for factors such as the weather (e.g. strong wind) or a close scoreline towards the end of a match

7 Kick Off

8 20m Restart

9 Goal Line Drop Out

10 20m Drop Out

11 Penalty Kick to Touch Initial positions before ball is kicked to touch

12 Penalty Kick to Touch Second phase positions after ball enters touch

13 General Play Nearside play the ball

14 General Play Centre field play the ball (remain as tackle before)

15 General Play Far side play the ball: switch

16 Scrum

17 Both TJs think it’s a try Try

18 Red TJ has not seen grounding but has no reason to disallow try

19 Try Yellow TJ believes the try should be disallowed

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