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Ashford Management Limited, Mercury House, Shipstones Business Centre, North Gate, New Basford, Nottingham NG7 7FN Phone 0870 405 0077 E

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1 Ashford Management Limited, Mercury House, Shipstones Business Centre, North Gate, New Basford, Nottingham NG7 7FN Phone 0870 405 0077 E Understanding Public Sector Procurement 13 December 2006

2 What drives competition Government initiatives to obtain better value for money Best value/Competitive tendering –Introduced April 2000 –Replaced compulsory competitive tendering PFI/PPP initiative OGC Best practice initiative

3 Gershon report on Local Government (LG) Efficiency savings from 6 areas –Procurement of goods and services –Procurement of construction –Back office –Transactional services –Staff productivity –Reducing regulations LG Targets –£6.5Bn over 3 years from 2005/6 on current base In addition –£3.8 Bn from schools –£5Bn Whitehall savings on services provided by LG

4 Why bid? Limit competition for 3 to 5 years Greater ability to schedule work Payment guaranteed Last years contracts valued at: –Defence £30bn –NHS £60bn –Local Government £40bn Often repeat business

5 Organisations & Departments MoD NHS Hospital Trusts Fire Police Ambulance Education Universities DTI Home Office CSA Job Centre Plus City Councils Borough Councils County Councils Department of Transport Highways Agency ESPO BAA DVLA Treasury Courts HM Revenue and Customs Development Agencies Etc.

6 To put a few numbers on things 500 Local authorities in England and Wales 303 National Health Trusts 42 Police Authorities 334 Universities 24,000 Primary Schools 3,500 Secondary Schools 39 Ambulance Services Defence

7 Regulated system Public Sector Procurement Regulations Regulated by the Minister of Finance under Statutory Instruction 329 of 2006 Regulations for: –Buyers –Suppliers Audited by: –Public Accounts Committee

8 Disadvantages Lengthy (expensive) process to win work Political impact can have an unexpected effect Decision making process long Different format, forms and tendering process

9 Where is the catch? Have 3 years submitted accounts Registered Quality System Health and Safety Policy Environmental Policy Pl Insurance Limited or LLP Company Contracts of employment Recruitment policy Equal opportunities policy

10 Where is the catch DDA compliant Age discrimination policy Security policy Buildings Filing systems IT systems Meet current legislation Etc. Etc. Etc.

11 Policies and procedures Policies and procedures must be documented and controlled DO NOT COPY DIRECTLY FROM THE INTERNET WITHOUT PERSONALISING TO YOUR COMPANY

12 Acquisition cycle Acquisition cycle ConceptAssessmentDemonstrationManufactureIn ServiceDisposal Initial Gate Main Gate

13 Planning to tender Tips for Successful Tendering Preparation Understand the Requirements Schedule the Work Clarity in Proposal BE PERSISTENT AND LEARN

14 Develop a Tender Template 80% information required will be the same for all contracts although the terminology may differ Company information -Legal Structure -Organisational Structure -Services Statement

15 Develop a Tender Template Financial information -Accounts -Bank references -Insurance cover Policies and Procedures - Health and Safety - Equal Opportunities - Environment

16 Take note Take note and understand TUPE

17 Evaluation of Tender Response Points are awarded for compliance -2 for fully accurate response -1 for partially accurate response -0 for incorrect response Totals added to determine most compliant response

18 Evaluation of Tender Response Now there is more - Some elements have greater value -Therefore a weighting system is applied 3 points for high priority 2 points for medium priority 1 point low priority

19 Cost Model Cost all activities or they will not be paid Provide costs for through life management Identify clearly how costs are made up Carry out competitor analysis Determine stage payment points Lowest cost will normally win contract Awarded contracts are fixed price

20 Appropriate Policies Make an Assessment - Nature of the Product/Service - Scope and Size of the contract - Appropriate to your company - Will you use sub contractors Demonstrate how this policy is implemented and adds value

21 Document Check List Presentation – First impressions of your company – make it count Content – Clarity, don’t make the buyer look for information Compliant – Check that you have provided all of the information required

22 Submitted Documentation Create - Index - Tag pages - List of abbreviations Any agreements as an Annex Document any cross references Special instructions as an Annex

23 Tips Decisions reached with contract office, get in writing Ensure bid is easily understood Bid must be in on time It must be anonymous Get a receipt Request feedback

24 REMEMBER If it is not identified it cannot be charged for The Contracts Officer is there to help


26 Message from Government “Public procurement opportunities need to be more accessible for small firms. Procurement also has an important role to play in supporting regeneration and providing access for social enterprise and groups who are underrepresented in the business community” Alun Michael. Small Business Minister

27 DTI report stated “Small businesses can deliver value for money and innovative solutions for local and central government” “Small businesses provide evidence of cost savings and other benefits they bring to the public sector market. It highlights the benefits the public sector can gain from using small firms through, better levels of service, innovative solutions and increased competitiveness in the long term”

28 Clusters Clusters are similar to a consortia One member must assume lead role Cluster is responsible for all members Develop project plan Manage interfaces Cost elements of cluster involvement Billing through cluster lead member

29 Clusters Clusters will be made up of: –Team Lead –Partners –Sub contractors Partner with a prime contractor as: –Identify prime contractor –Act as sub contractor

30 Operating a clusters Must have legal structure Interface agreements created between all parties Lead responsible for all members Planning and scheduling essential Lead must invoice client and reimburse members All costs must be agreed before commencement Regular review meeting with all parties essential Review/amend plans and agree with members & client

31 Acting as a sub contractor Prime contractors may not be able to produce or resource all requirements Research likely prime contractors Make them aware of your skills Identify when and when services are required Sub contractors do not have to bid in their own right

32 E Procurement E Sourcing: for contractual processes, to include e tendering, e RFQ, e Auction E Procurement: for transactional processes, including marketing and e cataloguing E Payment: to include embedded GPC, e invoicing and self billing

33 Contract Value Thresholds £0 - £4,999 Purchase Order £5,000 - £49,999 Mini Tender £50,000 - £153,999 Full Tender £154,000 Upwards OJEU OJEU Overseas Journal of European Union

34 Tenders are advertised @ EMIN web site has a free “Tender Alert” page Encourage clients to register on web site View daily

35 Information available @ Defence contracts bulletin up to £154K OJEC contracts over £154K Contracts weekly magazine (via BIP solutions) TRACKER Government portal MoD contracts Local authorities MoD agents TED Tender Electronic Daily Information Hot Line 0800 282 324

36 7 Deadly Sins -Lack of Planning -Total Disregard of Stakeholders -Absence of Leadership -Ineffective Documentation -Lack of Benefits Focus - Risks Not Addressed - Neglect of Interface Control

37 How can Incubation Managers add value Encourage incubates to be aware of Public Sector market Help prepare organisations Work to develop bid response Encourage clustering or sub contracting View contract bulletins daily Identify potential providers Help manage the 7 deadly sins

38 How can we help you Business analysis to determine - Can you win a bid - Are all required systems in place - Assistance to reach required standards Advice on bidding - How to structure response - Getting your bid noticed and selected Provide full bid management service - Writing the response PRINCE 2 project managers

39 Ashford Management Limited, Mercury House, Shipstones Business Centre, North Gate, New Basford, Nottingham NG7 7FN Phone 0870 405 0077 E Q&A Please

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