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CPD as a Strategic Development Tool EMFEC Annual Conference 14 March 2013.

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1 CPD as a Strategic Development Tool EMFEC Annual Conference 14 March 2013

2 Professional Development as a Strategic Development Tool Bobby Upple, Director of Policy & Professional Development, EMFEC Toni Fazaeli, Chief Executive, Institute for Learning Dr Peter Lavender OBE, Vice Chair, North Warwickshire & Hinckley College

3 EMFEC Professional Development 1Teaching, Learning & Assessment EMFEC Networks AoC East Midlands Groups 2Quality Improvement & Inspection 3Enterprise, Curriculum & Planning 4Equality, Diversity & Inclusion 5Governance, Leadership & Management

4 EMFEC Professional Development EMFEC Networks AoC East Midlands Groups 1Teaching & Learning 1Regional Committee 2Equality & Diversity 2Principals 3Staff Development Managers 3Governors Network 4Functional Skills 4Business Development Managers 5Regional Procurement 5PR and Marketing Network 6Quality Managers 6Finance Directors 7Senior Administrative Staff 7HR Managers 8Supporting Learners 8Skills Competition / Skills Show Group 9Safeguarding 9HE in FE 10Creative Arts & Media10Sports Strategy 11Engineering & Construction 11Clerks Network 12Maths12Chairs & Principals Policy Forum 13MIS 14Languages 15Low Carbon Group 16Apprenticeships / ATA

5 Member Colleges - 2012/13 AoC East MidlandsEMFEC Derbyshire 1Chesterfield College1 Derbyshire 2Derby College2 3Burton and South Derbyshire College3 Leicestershire 4Brooksby Melton College Homefield College4 Leicestershire 5Gateway Sixth Form College5 6Leicester College6 7Loughborough College7 8Regent College8 9RNIB College9 10Stephenson College10 11South Leicestershire College11 12Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College12 Lincolnshire 13Boston College13 Lincolnshire 14Grantham College14 15Lincoln College15 16Linkage College 17New College Stamford16 Northamptonshire 18Moulton College17 Northamptonshire 19Northampton College18 20Tresham College of FE & HE19 Nottinghamshire 21Bilborough College20 Nottinghamshire 22Central College Nottingham21 23New College Nottingham22 24North Nottinghamshire College23 25Portland College24 26Vision West Notts25 Doncaster College26South Yorkshire Kidderminster College27Worcestershire Leek College28Staffordshire North Warwickshire & Hinckley College29Warks/Leics Sheffield College30South Yorkshire

6 Professional Development as a Strategic Development Tool An effective CPD strategy: Who? Why? What? How? Impact? Functional themes … Cross-cutting EDI Safeguarding

7 CPD that has an Impact Toni Fazaeli Chief Executive, Institute for Learning

8 IfL - How to plan for CPD with Impact

9 Teachers and Trainers – IfL model of Dual Professionalism

10 IfL - Deeper thinking – Bringing CPD Alive

11 IfL - Suggested Reading – Questions? IfL Annual Reviews of CPD - professional-development IfL - Brilliant Teaching and Learning catalogue-of-publications IfL and 157 - Leading Learning and Letting Go, Great Teaching and Learning, Leading Learning in Further Education Join or Renew your IfL membership to keep up to date and learn more Questions and Discussion professional-development catalogue-of-publications

12 FE Governance: improving quality Dr Peter Lavender OBE Vice Chair, North Warwickshire and Hinckley College

13 The challenge Changing expectations of governance Changing inspection regime Greater emphasis on self help Increasing focus on quality improvement

14 One solution A peer review and development group on quality improvement Involved 3 colleges, 3 meetings Governors, clerks, college leaders on quality Some facilitation, summary of publications, input from each college Topic 1: QI systems; topic 2: QI questioning; topic 3 to be decided

15 Reflections Involves respect and trust Requires commitment of time Involves agreement on ways of working Requires an outside input on good practice Discovered: –expertise, –good practice, –a common accord, and –practice worth sharing on quality improvement.

16 Outcomes Issues discussed include –processes and systems for governance and quality inprovement –learner voice and horizontal accountability –powerful questions and appreciative inquiry –re-balancing our governance and developing a responsive governance approach –goverance approaches to learning, teaching and assessment

17 FE Governance: improving quality Questions

18 What should an effective organisational CPD strategy include? Teaching, Learning & Assessment EMFEC Networks AoC East Midlands Groups Quality Improvement & Inspection Enterprise, Curriculum & Planning Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Governance, Leadership & Management

19 0115 8541631 / 07815 415945

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