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1 1 How to set up a website a step by step guide

2 Summary of what you need to do Choose a name for your site: this is called the “domain name” Find a “Registrar” and register your name with Nominet Rent some space on the Internet. This is called finding a host Learn how to use the “back end” i.e. the dashboard (“Control Panel”) that comes with the host You already know how to use the front end (i.e. Wordpress)

3 Choosing a domain name Domain names are valuable The domain name is the website address Carefully choose your domain name so it is easy to type, memorable and reflects your content Check whether your domain name is already being used by typing it into the address bar in Internet Explorer, alternatively go onto Nominet. Nominet is the UK registery for domain names ending Choose an extension ( depending on what you are using your website for)

4 Finding a registrar The registrar will act as your agent and submit your domain name to Nominet on your behalf Shop around for registrar in the same way that you would shop around for a new pair of shoes, look for value and what they offer There is further advice on Nominet about how to find the right registrar for you When you register it is time limited

5 Choose a host Your host is the company that has computers that are connected to the Internet that store websites You need to rent space on a host for your site, think of it as like renting storage space Shop around for your host, in the same way that you would shop around for a flat to rent offers free hosting but as everything that is free there are disadvantages, is for beginners

6 The back end The host is sometimes called the back end It’s a bit like the bits of a car that are underneath the body work A bit like with a car, you can do things ‘underneath the bonnet’ You do this on the ‘control panel’ This is like the dashboard in except you can use it to manage files

7 The control panel (contin.) You can do lots of things on the control panel but the main things are: Installing wordpress (or other software) Uploading files – if you want a link on your site to a file you will need to upload it, this means copy it onto your host

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