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3.02H Publishing a Website 3.02 Develop webpages..

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1 3.02H Publishing a Website 3.02 Develop webpages.

2 Before Publishing Check spelling Spelling errors can turn visitors away from site. Use web editors spell checking utility or copy text to a word processor to check for spelling errors. Check relative and absolute links to make sure they work properly. Common link errors: Forward slash in relative link before a relative link Mistyping a web address using wrong case or mistaking a _ for a blank space

3 Before Publishing (Continued) Check site in multiple browsers. Check site in Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, etc. Notice differences and adjust as necessary.

4 Before Publishing (continued) Validate source code. Validating checks for errors in HTML code such as: Tags spelled incorrectly Tags left open Validating does not find spelling errors in text. Some validators correct errors while others just highlight the error. Many web editors contain internal validating utilities. For sites created in a text editor, validating is available online and via free downloads. Example:

5 Choose a Web Host A web host is also called a web server. A computer that stores web page files. Sends webpages to viewers over the Internet upon request. Types: Free Shared Dedicated ISP is most common web host. Usually package Internet access, , and limited web site storage for its customers Can be a solution for personal or small business use

6 Free Web Hosts Good for family, hobby or personal sites with low traffic. Advantages No cost May include free account May include online web editor with GUI Disadvantages No personalized domain names; usually combines the free sites URL with the path to specific site. Limited storage space. Limited technical support. Allows pop-up advertising in exchange for hosting site.

7 Shared Web Hosts Good for small businesses websites with average traffic Advantages Low cost because it is shared with others. Own domain name. Better technical support. Disadvantages Restrictions on traffic volume (more traffic costs more money!) Offers many options such as , database support and multiple web editor compatibility.

8 Dedicated Web Hosts Good for large businesses with high traffic and multiple domain names. Advantages Website is hosted on its own servernot shared with others. Very powerfulcan accommodate any kind of software. Disadvantages Very expensive Requires high-level computer skills.

9 Comparing Web Hosts Cost What can the customer afford? Storage How much storage space can the customer afford? What size is the site? Check the cumulative size of the root folder if no web editor. Reliability Are backup servers in place to host site when main server is offline?

10 Comparing Web Hosts (Continued) Traffic Does the host allow a maximum number of hits per billing cycle? What is the fee for exceeding the traffic allowance if the site becomes popular? File transfer technology (ftp, webDAV, editor compatibility) Some hosts do not support some web editors and may require the use of their ftp program.

11 Obtain a Domain Name Domain names can be registered for a fixed period of time (usually 1 year but no more than 10 years). ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) maintains a list of accredited registrars. ICANN Registrars are the only companies allowed to assign domain names. Registration cost vary but are generally between $10 and $35 although some web hosts will register the domain for free. ICANN manages InterNIC, a searchable list of URLs.InterNIC Has a WhoIs feature that provides information regarding the registered owner and the registrar that assigned the domain name.

12 Publish! Upload files to a web host. Know protocol being used. FTPFile Transfer Protocol Non-secure transfer that doesnt encrypt access password or allow data encryption during transfer WebDAV-Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning Secure file transfer that uses Web Folders to encrypt password and data during transfer; useful when using multiple authors to create site Does the host require an external uploading application? Does the host accept internal uploading utilities from web editing programs like Microsoft Expression Web or Dreamweaver?

13 Publish! Site too large? Reduce number and/or size of multimedia files. Reduce number and/or size of images. Edit pages and remove links to files that no longer exist. Remove unnecessary files from host server. Pay for additional storage space.

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