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Native Americans By Megan Plank Facts  In North America there were hundreds of cultures in different tribes.  All native tribes have some things in.

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2 Native Americans By Megan Plank

3 Facts  In North America there were hundreds of cultures in different tribes.  All native tribes have some things in common, for example all the tribes lived off the land by gathering food in earliest times and planting crops later in history.

4 More facts  They all hunted and finally domesticated animals.  The first people who lived in North America were either called American Indians, Native Americans or First Nations People.

5 What did they eat?  The most important food they ate was corn, or what they called it, maize.  They ate maize at a special time of year and for that period of time maize is all they ate apart from beans.  They also liked:  Avocados  And papayas.  This is surprising, but they actually made chocolate to eat, not to sell.

6 Lifestyle Changes  The main way they changed over the years is how they got food.  In the earliest tribes gathered and hunted food like deer, birds and acorns.  But later in history, they started to farm crops and make food like chocolate and food like that.

7 Weapons  Bow and arrows were the main weapon used for hunting because you didn’t need to get close to the animal.  They also used spears because they were easy to aim and very long.  Daggers were good to use because they are small so the prey wouldn’t see them and they are accurate as well.


9 Wild west By Holly and Bethany

10 Saloons A saloon is a kind of bar particular to the wild west. Saloons offered a wide range of games like poker, brag and dice games. Entertainment in saloons included girls dancing to woo the boys. New games were added so the owners could make more money.


12 Jesse Woodson Jesse Woodson was a celebrity in the Wild West. He has become a legend since his death. He was shot in the back of his head on April 3 rd 1882 by his own trusted friend Robert Ford!

13 Billy the kid Billy the Kid was the most famous outlaw. He was also known as William,Bonney or Henry. He lived for 21 years and for each year of his life he killed one person!


15 Wild West Clothes BY KAI AND AIDEN

16 HATS  In the early days the Bowler Hat was worn more than the ‘Slouch Hat’. Bowler Hat Slouch Hat

17 COATS  Coats were mainly made of leather with large buttons.

18 BOOTS  There are two basic styles of cowboy boots WESTERN and CLASSIC.

19 Cowboys Action shooting By Anthony

20 ‘Cowboy Action Shooting’ Cowboy Action Shooting is a competitive shooting sport. Cowboy Action Shooting is now practiced in many places with several sanctioning organizations including the ‘Single Action Shooting Society’, ‘Western Action Shooters Association’ and ‘National Congress of Old West Shooter’, as well as others in the USA and in other countries.

21 Guns Used in Action shooting

22 C owboy Shootout Cowboy Action Shooting is a competitive sport.


24 Wild west facts By Emily & Amy Food & Outlaw Facts By Emily and Amy.

25 Food Wild west style Food Facts Wild West style!

26 What people ate in the wild west? They ate dried-fresh meat, soup, chilly, beans, hard cheese, dried fruit and biscuits. They also drunk coffee. What did people eat in the Wild West? They ate dried-fresh meat, soup, chilli, beans, hard cheese, dried fruit and biscuits. They also drunk coffee.

27 Meat facts Meat provided protein and energy for a day of hard work. Cowboys often ate the meat fresh. A treat for a cowboy was fresh meat from hunting.

28 Hard Cheese Facts Cheese was rationed. It was often given to cowboys by their employers. They dipped it in a wax called ‘paraffin’ so it could last for months without spoiling its high fat and salt content.

29 Fruit Facts Cowboys ate a lot of dried fruit. Apples, raisins and apricots were the most common fruit. Berries and prunes weren't eaten often. They also put dried fruit in water and then they put them on their dessert.

30 Outlaws

31 Jame s Miller He killed 12 people during gun fights. He wore a black coat during the night and he was killed by an angry mob because he killed a former deputy.

32 James Averell James Averell was in the military.He shot a man while riding a buffalo. He was NEVER found.

33 The ‘Bloody’ Espinosas The gang called the ‘Bloody Espinosas’ were all cousins from Mexico. They killed six of their family members!

34 Isaac ‘Ike’ Black Isaac Black was mainly known as being a robber. He stole cattle in Kansas. He also made up a gang with ‘Zip Wyatt’ and they robbed banks together! This is his unmarked grave.



37 The Pony Express By Connor M, Aman Rahman And Matthew Smith

38 The Pony Express was a mail service that took mail from the East to California. But later an invention called the telegraph (which sent Morse code, a type of language) sent messages through wire quicker than the Pony Express, so slowly the Pony Express went out of business. The inventor of the telegraph, Dr.David was very happy when the Pony Express failed as it meant more business for him.

39 Facts Operated for only 18 months. Riders were paid $100 to $125 per month. Riders had to weigh less than 125 lbs (56.699 kg). Approximately 650,000 miles were travelled.




43 The Western Saloon By Megan Payne

44 What was a saloon? A saloon is a bar from the Wild West. They sold drinks we know now such as whiskey, beer and wine. They also sold drinks called ‘ol’ red eye’, ‘firehouse’, ‘black buck’ and ‘cowhand’. Customers used to eat bread and beans with their drinks.

45 What it was like in the saloon? In the saloon it was dusty and gross! It was filled with bad guys The walls in the saloon were dull coloured - brown and black.

46 Famous People from the Wild West By Lauren Ground


48 Wild Bill Hickok Wild Bill is remembered for the cards he was holding when he was shot dead - a pair of black aces and a pair of black eights. Since then in poker those cards are the ‘known as the dead man's hand’. His skills was as a gunfighter and a gambler.

49 Annie Oakley Annie Oakley was an American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter. August 13, 1860-November 3, 1926

50 Belle Starr Belle Starr was famous for Rustling (horse stealing and bootlegging (smuggling) whiskey. Her birth name was Myra Belle Shirley Reed Starr. February 5, 1848 - February 3, 1889

51 Bill Pickett Bill Pickett was a cowboy, rodeo, and Wild West show performer. He invented Bulldogging where he had to grab the horns of cattle and wrestle them to the ground. Bill was killed by a horse that kicked him in the head !



54 The Sundance Kid Billy The Kid Thomas Coleman Younger Sam Bass Famous outlaws of the wild west By Daniel and Liam

55 Thomas Coleman Younger January 15 th 1844 - March 21 st 1916 Cole Younger’s life changed forever after his dad was murdered by a ‘Union’ soldier called Captain Walley. Mr Younger gave Walley a severe beating for making advances on his daughter (Cole’s sister) which led to him being killed in retaliation! After the murder of his father, Thomas Coleman Younger joined the Confederate Army and an outlaw! He later became a Christian and renounced his criminal past. He died peacefully 4 years later, with 11 bullets still embedded in his body from various gunfights!


57 Sam Bass July 21st,1851 -July 21st,1878 Sam Bass started out an honest man. After running away from his abusive (nasty) uncle who raised him, he went to work in a sawmill in Mississippi. His dream was to be a cowboy and he eventually made his way to Texas. Sam Bass and his gang went up north in 1876. One and half years later Sam Bass and his gang robbed the Union Pacific gold train from San Francisco, stealing over $60,000! To this day this is the largest single robbery of the Union Pacific railway. 2 years later he was wounded by Texas Rangers on the way to rob a small bank in Round Rock. He died two days later on his 27th birthday.


59 The Sundance Kid (Henry Longabaugh) earned his nickname when he was caught and convicted of horse thievery in a town called ‘Sundance’ in Wyoming. Despite his reputation as a gunfighter, it is not certain he actually killed anyone! Some believe he was killed in a shootout in Bolivia. Others say he returned to the states, changed his name to William Henry Long, and lived in a small town called ‘Duchesne’. The Sundance Kid 1867 – 6 November 1908


61 Billy the Kid November 23, 1859 – July 14, 1881 There is no outlaw more legendary than Billy the Kid. Countless books, movies, and songs have been written about his life, but the reality was not quite as great. It has been said that he killed 21 people, one for each year of his life, but facts suggest he was probably only responsible for four! In 1877, he went to work as a cattle guard for rancher, John Tunstall. Tunstall was embroiled in a bitter dispute with the local merchants Lawrence Murphy and James Dolan and sent to jail. After a daring escape from jail, and a few years on the run, he was shot by Sheriff Pat Garrett while hiding out in a friend’s home. Many think he was probably killed but his body was never found. Over the years, several people claimed to be Billy the Kid, but the chance that he survived the shooting are highly unlikely.


63 `

64 Outlaws By Matthew Rouse


66 Thomas Coleman Younger D.O.B: 15 January 1844 Occupation: Army recruiter. Bank and train robber. First kill: 18 years old He had 14 children!

67 Thomas Coleman Younger was shot in the eye during a robbery. BeforeAfter That must have hurt!


69 Cherokee Bill D.O.B: 8 th February 1876 Conviction: Murder Punishment: Hung (aged 20) One sister: Georgia Two brothers: Clarence and Luther

70 When Cherokee Bill was robbing a post office he shot a painter in the eye which forced the eye to come out of his skull! Ooooh! Messy!

71 4 WILD WOMEN OF THE WILD WEST By Ayse and Sinead

72 The Home-Wrecker Elizabeth Bonduel McCourt (1854 – 1935) was born in Oshkosh,Wisconsin and was known as the best dressed woman in the Wild West. She was married 3 times which in olden days was very scandalous, particularly because her last husband was a politician who was 24 years older than her!

73 The Gambler ‘Lottie’ Deno’s real name was Charlotte. She became a famous gambler after gaining her gambling skills from her father.

74 ‘The Driver’ The Driver was called Charley Parkhurst. ‘He’ was known as one of the greatest stagecoach driver’s of the old west. When he died people were shocked to discover that ‘he’ was actually a woman!

75 The Blackjack Dealer Eleanor Dumont was a Blackjack Dealer who was also called ‘Madame Moustache’. Rumour has it that when she was young, she was regarded as exceedingly beautiful!


77 Wild West Drink by Ben Summers

78 Drink The cowboys and cowgirls loved a drink at their local saloon. Most of the drink in the Wild West was home brewed as they could not ship alcohol easily until the railway was made. People helped the saloons brew their drinks. For example ‘wine’ was made with berries.

79 Saloons were also inns where people could sleep, but you needed a reservation. Cowboys were entertained by dancing girls. The name ‘Saloon’ comes from an Indian term for ‘a barber shop’. Saloons

80 What they drunk The cowboys of the Wild West drunk whiskey and other spirits as well as beer.


82 By Blake The top 3 outlaws

83 Billy the kid outlaws There is no outlaw more legendary then Billy the Kid. Countless books, movies, and songs have been written about his life, but the reality was not quite as sensational. Often portrayed as a cold-blooded killer, he entered a life of crime out of necessity, not malice. People who knew him personally called him brave, resourceful honest, and full of laughter.

84 Jesse James Jesse James was born in Missouri, and along with his brother, Frank, was a fighter during the Civil War. After the war, the James boys joined the Younger brothers and formed the James-Younger Gang. Together, they robbed banks, stagecoaches, and trains. In 1869, the gang held up the Davies County Saving in Gallatin, Missouri. Jesse shot and killed a clerk, believing him to be someone else.

85 John Wesley The son of a Methodist preacher, he was named after the founder of the Methodist faith. When he was only 14 years old, he stabbed a boy for taunting him. A year later, he was playfully wrestling with an ex-slave named Mage. He scratched Mage’s face, and the next day, Mage hid on a path and attacked Hardin in retaliation. Hardin fired three warning shots, but when Mage didn’t back off, Hardin was forced to shoot him in self-defense. Mage died as a result.

86 Cowboys By Ben Goldsmith

87 A Cowboy in the wild west had to be very reliable because they had to look after the cattle. The job was hard and could be quite uncomfortable. It was also quite dangerous because cattle could trample cowboys to death in a stampede.

88 There were other dangers such as Indians and rough weather. Cowboys slept in Bunkhouses

89 They wore the ‘Stetson’ hat to protect themselves from the sun. The hat would also be used as a bowl. Cowboys wore ‘chaps’ to protect their legs. Sometimes cowboys used their rifles to kill cows that were badly injured.

90 Cowboys played an important role in the settling of the west. Ranching was a big industry and cowboys helped to run the ranches



93 C LOTHES Western wear is made for men and women. Western clothes can be very informal, with a t-shirt, blue jeans, cowboy hat, a leather belt and cowboy boots.

94 C OWBOY H ATS This hat is made out of felt but you can also get straw cowboy hats. Everyone wore hats because it was always humid.

95 C ATTLE K ATE Cattle Kate handmade western clothing for women and men. She and her teammates worked quickly for their orders.


97 Native Americans By Charley Poulton

98 The first people to live in north America  The first people to live in North America would have been called American Indians, Native Americans or First nations people.  All of the Native American tribes had some things in common.  They lived off the land by gathering food in the earliest times and then planting crops later in history. Once they began planting crops, they were able to begin creating villages that were permanent.

99 Weapons Striking WeaponsPiercing Weapons Stone & wooden clubsSpears The war hatchet Lances ‘The gunstock war club’ ‘Atlatl’ (Spear thrower) The ‘pipe tomahawk ‘ Bow and arrow Cutting WeaponsSymbolic Weapons KnivesMedicine shields An Atlatl A gunstock war club

100 What did the native Americans eat? They gathered and ate many food such as: They also hunted many different animals E.G: Deer Fish Rabbits Fowl (birds) Acorns! Seaweed. And they would make chocolate and eat it instead of sell it

101 What did the Native Americans live in? Wigwams Wigwams (also called ‘wickiup’) were a type of house which Native American tribes used to live in. Some could be made out of sticks Teepees A teepee (also called ‘tepee’ or ‘tipi’) is a conical tent, traditionally made of animal skins, and wooden poles. This is a model of one.


103 4 most Famous cowboys Wild Bill Hickok Tom Horn Captain Bill McDonald Ella Watson

104 FACTS ABOUT WILD BILL HICKOK He was a sheriff in the American west. He was murdered in a field. He died on August the 2 nd, 1876.

105 F ACTS ABOUT TOM HORN He was famous for being fierce in the old west. He was hung for his crimes. He died in Cheyenne, Wyoming in the United States.

106 F ACTS ABOUT CAPTAIN BILL M C D ONALD He was famous because he invented the law. He died in Wichita falls, Texas, United States. He died on July 15 th 1918.

107 F ACTS ABOUT E LLA W ATSON Ellen Watson was was better known as ‘Cattle Kate’. She was an outlaw of the old west. She died by ‘lynching’ (hanging) on July 20 th 1889


109 By Connor Tipple Busting wild western myths since 23/06/14

110 I N THE W ILD W EST Some things in movies about the Wild West are and aren’t true. Everybody knows that people in the past were insane. They wore funny hats, used words like "wherefore," and don't get us started on the pants!

111 D O YOU KNOW YOUR ANCESTORS ? Some of the historic rumours we love talking about again and again simply aren't true. As convenient as it may be to think of our ancestors as murder-happy torture enthusiasts, they were crazy, but they weren't that crazy.

112 C AN Y OU B ELIEVE T HIS ! Black Bart, the Dalton Gang, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid all were famous for their daring robberies. In reality But in actual fact research can find evidence of only about eight true bank heists across 15 states in 40 years during the ‘Wild West’ era! In 2010 there was a whopping 5,600 bank robberies in the USA!

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