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Leadership Programme 2012 Session 6: Influence Mark Eyre – Brilliant Futures.

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1 Leadership Programme 2012 Session 6: Influence Mark Eyre – Brilliant Futures

2 Check in How are you feeling? What did you learn from your success criterion coaching conversation?

3 Session outcomes Understand different influencing approaches, and when to use them. Practice different influencing styles Prepare for a ‘real life’ influencing scenario

4 Session agenda An influence model ‘Push’ and ‘pull’ approaches Non-verbal behaviour Practical session

5 Influence Model Proposing EmpathisingDisclosing Asserting

6 Gut based, asserting your will Statement of what you want to do yourself, or what you want another to do Could you... I’d like... I want... I demand Firm tone of voice Strong body language

7 Proposing Head-based, rational Open to influence on rational grounds I propose, think, suggest, recommend, strongly recommend that... My reasons for this are... Use when you have data, evidence or opinion, and situation is open to logic Tone of voice – calm, even paced Body language controlled

8 Empathising Active listening and exploring Open ended questions to clarify position Non-judgmental Reflect back and summarise Warm tone of voice Body language – open / relaxed, warm eye contact

9 Disclosing Sharing experience that may be helpful to another Anecdotes, stories Builds trust when relevant and genuine When done appropriately, it encourages openness in return Open body language

10 Exercise – My strengths & challenges Complete individually first, using the questionnaire Discuss results in twos and threes I will act as timekeeper!

11 Influencing skills practice session Focus on asserting and empathising Experiment & have fun!

12 Asserting exercise In pairs / trios, each to take turn Part 1 – “I want you to take a step back”. Receiver takes small step back if influenced Give speaker brief assertive feedback, then repeat several times Part 2 – “I have a loud enough voice to influence assertively” Give speaker thumb down, thumb up, thumb over feedback Repeat, turning up the volume until seen as aggressive

13 Empathising exercise In pairs / trios Speaker takes issue they want to talk about, from the list or their own issue Empathiser’s role is to empathise – listening, clarifying questions, summarising. No conversation, opinions or sympathy! Feedback at end – how it felt to listen / be listened to Repeat, taking turns

14 Scenario planning Using questionnaire checklist, plan for influencing situation at work Identify appropriate influencing style(s) Chat to neighbour if time permits

15 Homework for session 7 Analyse your influencing performance in the scenario you’ve just planned – record in learning journal Discuss your findings with your coach Using the scenario planning approach, identify opportunities to influence in the future

16 The End

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