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Where do we go from here? Graham Horsley & Colin Ride.

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1 Where do we go from here? Graham Horsley & Colin Ride

2 Our Calling – God’s mission! What is God’s mission? What is God doing in our area? – Inside & outside the church! How can we join in?

3 Our Calling & holistic mission Link service & evangelism Serve people until they ask why, then talk about Jesus Social action with spirituality What needs? What partners? What questions? What resources? – People, skills, money, plant, time Evaluation

4 Service & holistic mission How do we persuade the people we serve to come to church? How do we help people to be church where they are? Fresh ways of being church! How do we create all 4 dimensions of our calling?

5 Serving people – what next? Introduce W, L&C, E Worship – Not necessarily Sunday – Welcome & hospitality – Language/style – Meeting God – Experience before explanation Learning & Caring – How does this happen – Baking bread? – What’s a member? Evangelism – Provocative rather than proclamatory – Questions with questions – Their spirituality not ours – Don’t worry if people don’t respond immediately – Where do we explore questions

6 Evaluation Needs Aims Objectives Methods Implementation Evaluation naomie

7 Questions Are there practical ways of putting a potential piece of mission activity into place when you return? How has this weekend challenged you to think differently about projects with which you’re involved? How can a mission project become a fresh way of being church?

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